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Anderson's Story

How did you meet? 

"During a pandemic!! What are the chances of that?"

How did he/she propose? 

"Driving to Iowa for a family vacation we were playing truth or dare. He proposed during my choice of a dare!"

Comments about your stay: 

"An absolutely wonderful experiance! We will be back again to check out one of your cave options! A nice little getaway! Thank you for sharing our most wonderful day with us!" - Ty & Nick Anderson

Gerbitz's Story

How did you meet? 

"Through my cousins-in-laws. Her in laws and Brian are really good friends. We were both invited to the same birthday party. I believe the sparks flew immediately!"

Funny dating story:

"I woke up one night that Brian was staying over to find him fighting with my box fan while asleep! He then was looking for the light switch that is located on the opposite side of the room. In the morning I realized he had also rearranged my dresser and moved my radio to the other side of the room."

How did He/She propose?

"There wasn't a big romantic proposal:( But we talked seriosly about what we wanted from each other or a prospective spouse rather. I think we knew pretty quick that we wanted to get married but we had both been married before. We waited 3+ years to tie the know but it was oh so worth it!"

Comments on your stay:

" Such a beautiful and lovely setting to say "I do" in! We absolutely loved staying at the Mountain Chalet!!! It was perfectly romantic and was this girls favorite part of staying here!! Such a cozy and comfy atmosphere. It was really quiet too! We would definately recommend to any couples looking to marry in Eureka Springs! We love it here!!" 

McClelland's Story

How did you meet?

"Randy bought an RV from me, from the first moment we seen each other we had felt there was something. A month later Randy came back and asked me to go for a ride with him on his motorcycle. I hadn't been on one in over 27 years, but the rest is history. We've been together everyday since. Randy says it's the most expensive RV he has ever bought, he will be paying a lifetime for it! Randy and I have had so much fun in our life together! We laugh so much, our life has been funny, fun, joyful, and full of caring and love since we first met!"

How did He/She propose? 

"I was in the shower after a long and very rough day. Randy opened the shower curtain and said "Will you marry me?" it's one I won't forget"

Comments about your stay:

"This place is amazing! A drop of bubble bath goes a long ways! We had a great time and most definately we will be back to check out the castles and caves!"

Meshells's Story

How did you meet? 

 "We met through mutal friends, we both attended the same college, Southern Arkansas University."

How did he/she propose?

 "He planted a ring in my backpack, as we got ready to go on a hiking trip to Heber Springs. The mountain trails were closed due to COVID. I remember saying this is the worst trip ever! We had driven over 4 hours to find it closed! He tried to calm me down and assured me it wasn't the worst trip ever! So we set out for a new destination, Bridal Falls and after seeing 2 amazingly beautiful waterfalls he got a bottle of water out of my backpack which was really the ring and he dropped down on one knee in front of the waterfall and proposed in April of 2020!"

Comments about your stay:

"This was very nice, relaxing and so romantic! Best place to stay! We also liked the security we felt being in a gated community."

Pena's Story

Comments about your stay:

 "The room the Santa Fe Treehouse and The Ultimate Wedding package definately exceeded our expectations. Making our wedding an absolutely magical experiance. We will reurn to celebrate our anniversaries!"

The Blake's Story!

We knew each other in junior high and high school and had several classes together. We met up again 10 years later over myspace, metting up for our 10 year school reunion. We have been together ever since (3.5 years and married today)! Matt proposed after spending a lovely weekend at a cabin at Mt. Magazine. I was on the balcony looking and taking pictures of the beautiful sunset. When he came behind me and put the ring in front of me with a sweet little something to say before he said "will you marry me"? Of course, it was YES!!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: Magical, Breathtaking!!!
Matt & Lacie - Conway, AR

The Boren's Story!

Thank you very much for the wonderful wedding experience. You guys were great and we loved the tree house! Sorry it took so long to give you an update, but we've been extremely busy. Can't wait to come and visit and stay at the tree houses again!

We appreciate everything you did for us! 

Thanks again,

Travis and Jennifer Boren

The Casidy's Story!

We owe you a huge THANK YOU for the most wonderful, stress free and beautiful ceremony and stay.  We were so impressed withour room, and how you made every detail of our stay perfect.

We loved the pictures of the ceremony and were overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.  You truly put the "special" in our special day.  We made sure to let ALL of our friends and family know what a wonderful place Eureka Springs Treehouses is, and how much we loved it.

Again, the wedding pictures turned out so much better than we could have imagined. 

We will definitely be back soon!  Thank you, thank you for making our wedding weekend amazing!

The Castillo's Story!

I was a teacher at a local community college where Tracy was a student. We met and became friends instantly. After she finished her schooling we decided to begin to date.

Our first date was funny! Tracy had not dated in over 8 years. So, she invited her son-in-law to go with us to Target to do some Christmas shopping. As the night progressed she felt more comfortable and spent the rest of the night with me. We had our first kiss in the car, in the parking lot of Toys 'R' Us. This was later followed by followed by sitting for a while in the car, pondering whether I should meet her teenage daughters.

The Proposal: As I was preparing to deploy with the National Guard and be gone for a year. After only dating for 6 months, we were browsing in a Christian Book Store and saw a pair of promise rings with the scripture "True Love Waits". We bought a ring for each other and decided to promise to wait for each other and get married after my deployment. It wasn't a formal proposal, but it was formal in our hearts.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses: Oak Crest Cottages really makes this experience beautiful and memorable. The staff is great! They ensure that every detail is taken care of. The Treehouses are amazing! This made our wedding even more memorable and solidified our decision that this was the right choice. And that we will return again, and again, and again!

The Coit's Story!

Cindy and I have known each other for about 35 years. I was married to Cindy's sister for 23 years. Cindy helped me take care of her and our 13 year old son. After she passed away about 23 months ago from cancer, Cindy stayed a big part of our lives. She helped me with my son and other affairs I had to deal with. After we fell in love, I knew I needed and wanted Cindy in my life full time and forever. I asked my son and he said he would be all for it. I took her on a weekend trip in October for her birthday. On the morning of her 50th birthday I gave her the present I had bought her. Then I got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of my pocket and proposed. Thank the world she said yes and I didn't ruin her birthday.
We loved the stay in #9 treehouse. The wedding was perfect for us, short and sweet. Just what we were looking for. The romance package was wonderful. We plan on coming back and staying when the weather is warmer and the town is a buzz.
Thanks so much, Bryant and Cindy Coit

The Cooper's Story!

Josh and Stacie knew each other in high school. They lost connection afterwards, but ran into each other many years later at a Chick Fil A and started talking.

Josh took Stacie to St. Louis for a weekend and took her to IKEA. Stacie's eyes were super big the entire time and Josh kept laughing at her.

Josh proposed at Silver Dollar City at Christmas time under all of the beautiful lights.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/ Their Wedding: "We can't thank you guys enough for everything you did for us. You made the whole experience wonderful and easy. We upgraded and did the romance package and it was worth every dime. Coming in to see the candles and rose petals was absolutely beautiful. I truly couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you. P.S. The cake was wonderful/Fantastic!"

The Davis's Story!

Marc and Lisa met on!


Marc proposed when they were hiking. They stopped up to rest on a rock and he stood up, got down on one knee and proposed.

"This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for helping make this special time so wonderful!"

The Dawson Story!

Johnny & I met over the internet. We actually had our first date a year ago today, Feburary 14, 2009. Johnny says that she was and still is the most beautiful woman!

All their dates are full of comedic commentary by Johnny, or in Angie's words "lame" comedic commentary. Now the way Angie tells it, she is the funny one, Johnny is such a competitor.

We had just gotten home from the gym. We were having a conversation about life, love, etc. Johnny got down on one knee and proposed. Johnny says...She fell for it!!! And I am so happy she did.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"There is not enough space here to write how pleased we are with everything: the room, the ceremony, the very hospitable ownership. It's beyond what we expected. Thank you for making our day so special.
Jon & Angie Dawson - Ft. Worth, TX

The Dean Story!

We went to high school together. Dusty moved away for six years and when he came back we met up at a mutual friends birthday party. On our first actual "date" we drove out to Kamay where we both grew up. Population of about 400 people. It was 2 am after being out at a bar. We tried to turn around on a dirt road on the backside of an irrigation ditch. We were in Dusty's Dodge Charger and we got high centered, and copletely stuck. We had to call his best friend from high school Eric to come pull us out! We were so embarassed! 

How Dusty Proposed:
We were laying on the couch and Dusty said "Are you gonna marry me?" and I said "Ummh yeah" and that was about it!

Comments about Euerka Springs Treehouses:
Everything was perfect! The treehouses was gorgeous. Everyone was courteous and very helpful. Lori @ Shear Fashion Salon was great! We loved all of downtown and the food. The best part of all was the romantic carriage ride through historic downtown and learning the history from one of the last original natives. Thank you so much. We will definetly come back soon!
Dustin & Jessica Dean - Wichita Falls, TX

The Denney's Story!

How we met...We started talking through myspace but knew each from school.

Funny dating story...When we first started dating we always made our two best friends play pool in Braden's game room in the dark so we could kiss! We were so mean!

How did he propose....He proposed with rose petals leading up to my ring! I wasn't expecting it at all! And when I found his ring, I set up bouncy balls leading up to his ring! Braden is obsessed with bouncy balls, so I went and bought a whole bunch and mimicked his proposal! He wasn't expecting that!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses...We've really enjoyed our stay here and we were impressed with the treehouse, it's the perfect size for a couple and very nice! The map and the list of favorite places to eat were extremely helpful. We ate somewhere off the list everyday. The wedding was perfect. It was stress free and the chapel was cute! We were excited that we had someone to take pictures of our big day. Coming back to our decorated room made the experience very special. We loved our wedding cake (it's probably the best cake we've had!) And we both really appreciate you guys making our wedding special! We plan to come back for our 1 year anniversary and maybe stay in a cave or castle. PS We enjoyed our baskets! Nice touch! 
See you soon, Braden and Olivia Denney! :)

The Dill's Story!

Mark & Jennifer met thru the internet.
Upon meeting they could barely stay apart for an entire day.
Mark proposed in Jennifer's living room.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"We had a wonderful time! Loved the wedding ceremony. The treehouses are just beautiful. We will tell all our friends."
Mark & Jennifer Dill - Edmond, OK

The Doe's Story

David and Shawna met through a mutal friens at work. Both tried to avoid the awkward"blind date" first meeting but neither could get out of it and they have been together every day since...truly love at first sight!

David and Shawna have laughter to help them through anything... after nearly cutting off his pinky finger David and Shawna were having a nice dinner when David said something that tickled Shawna and in her giggling fit she hit David's newly stitched together finger! They still giggle about the incident to day!! 

David took Shawna to Tulsa, Ok for an event and while at the Center of theUniverse in Tulsa he dropped down on one knee and proposed. David said Shawna was truly his "center" and it seemed to be the perfect place, and it must have been...she said yes!!!

David and Shawna were married in Eureka Springs in February, 2022. David said beautiful just doesn't do this place justice!!

The Fletchall's Story!

Adam and Jamie met online. They had both recently created accounts and despite the two and a half hour distance between them at the time, they found one another within the first hour. They met in person about a week later and have been together ever since.

Their first actual "date" occurred roughly a week after they started talking. Adam was in Dallas at a convention for work and Jamie had said she would meet him at his house when he flew home. So he left a key to his house to allow her in, thinking to himself that she was either the amazing person I had been talking to, or that her house would be empty when he arrived.

Jamie proposed first, giving Adam a ring earlier in their relationship. He had said yes, not realizing how serious she was about it. Even though he knew she was the only person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. About six months later, just before Christmas, he presented her with a ring in return. She said yes, making him the happiest person on the face of the Earth.

"We have very much enjoyed our stay, the ceremony, and the entire experience at Hogsveil/The Treehouses. Incredible rooms, atomosphere, and service. We will recommend it highly to anyone looking for an experience such as ours or even to just get away. We will be back!"

The Goodnight's Story!

How Did You Meet?
Kevin and I met many years ago at my parents church. I was just 19 years old! We were young and stupid and did not marry at that time. Thankfully, we were given a 2nd chance and found each other 15+ years later!
We have been together since and decided to make it official...this time for "us" and that is why we chose an Eureka Springs Get Away!

How did he propose?
Kevin proposed on Christmas Eve. He surprised me by taking me to one of our favorite restaurants. Of course I said YES!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We had a wonderful experience and would recommend to anyone. Perfect getaway for us. Very nice and romantic. We will come back for sure! Hopefully, we can return for our 1 year Anniversary. 

The Grigg's Story!

Mark and Angie met online. They had both decided they were okay with being alone, then they started talking and they knew they were meant to be.

All of their dates end up being funny, because they are "so silly."

Mark planned to propose at Devil's Den. The two of them hiked all day and they went to his chosen spot of Yellow Rock Overlook. He couldn't do it, "because there were 4 million sorority girls up there posing!"  Mark ended up proposing the next day at their house while they were cleaning.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Their Wedding:

"This has been an amazing experience for us! We were so lucky to get this on short notice. The room and wedding were perfect! Thank you so much for making this truly our special day!

The Gubitz Story!

Thank you so much! We had the most wonderful time! Thank you for your hospitality and we already want to come back again.

The Hamilton's Story!

How did you meet? We met on

Funny Dating Story? This would have to be our first date. I was nervous about meeting him since I had previous dates from that hadn't gone so well. so, when he finally asked me if I had plans I said actually yes, I do but would you like to come with me? I brought him on a group date with 10 of my friends from church. The funny part is that my parents and my sisters ended up going to the same restaurant , so on our first date he not only met my closest friends, but met my family as well! 

How did he purpose?

When I got home there was a sign that said " follow the roses" There was a trail of roses leading to the bedroom. He had lit candles all over our room, He had his guitar and sang I want to grow old with you from The Wedding Singer. I was balling. When he finished he got down on one knee and asked if I would be his wife!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses-

We had the most amazing time here! The staff was wonderful! The wedding was just what we wanted! We couldn't of asked for anything better! We would recommend this wonderful place to anyone!

The Hamlin's Story

Michael and Ashley met working at Harding University for Aramark in September of 2019 shortly after they began dating and making memories!

on Thanksgiving Eve, 2020 Michael and Ashley were wish list shopping and at the same time showed each other the same wedding set!! They knew it was meant to be!

We wanted to get married on a special date and a special place!! 12/02/21 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas seemed perfect!! We fell in love with the wedding packages you offer and it was if we were in a romantic novel with the rose petals, champange, etc. Best mini wedding getaway ever!!!


The Hitchcock's Story!

Chris took Chelsie to Iowa where she was born. Chris took her to Des Moines, and proposed to her on the steps of the state capital! We both cried in this special moment together.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages: We really enjoyed our stay. The ceremony was great! Thanks, Ben & Dawn. We would like to come back and stay here again in Treehouse #10!
Chris & Chelsie Hitchcock - Kansas City, MO

The Johnston's Story!

Toby walked in the door of a local club, Jukebox, he smile and Melissa told her friend he was cute & she was going to make him hers! She watched as he walked closer to the dance floor. Once he was there she grabbed his hand and they danced all night together. She fell in love with that smile that night, even before she knew his name! They were watching a movie at home and Toby paused it, got down in front of Melissa on one knee and said ""I want you to know that I love you and I want to marry you. Will you marry me?" Of course Melissa said "YES!" Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: "We stayed in the treehouses. We picked the Venice theme and we absolutely loved it. The whole entire weekend was great! The fireplace, the jacuzzi, the bathroom sink (very neat), all of it has made our first days as husband & wife great! Thank you! Toby & Melissa Johnston - Joplin, MO

The Laywell Story!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Hogsveil Wedding etc...

We absolutely love this place & will definitely visit again! We appreciate all the hard work & details into making our stay... and especially our wedding a wonderful memorable time. Your dedication to your guests is outstanding! Thank you again & until next time!

The Long's Story

Casey and George met volunteering at rodeo, they ran intoeach other a year later and Casey couldnd't mquit staring at George!! George proposed to Casey in Las Vegas with the Spring Mountains in the background on their way to a concert! George didn't even know Casey's real middle name until they got their wedding license!! 

Casey and Geoprge said that they were so happy with thier wedding, it was everything they had hoped for!!                                     

The Maxwell's Story!

Here is our story. 

We met on an online dating site and we lived 2 hours apart. The distance was a big drawback, but we made it work with a lot of driving back and forth. On our 3rd date, I drove to Roy's house. We were supposed to go out to dinner, but before we left he wanted to finish installing a wii switch in the living room. I was being helpful by holding the flashlight while he worked and he turned to me and said, "you know, I hope I don't get electrocuted because I didn't turn off the electricity for this switch." All the sudden he starts making this crazy buzzing sound and jerking! I thought he was being electrocuted for sure! I was scared silly! He started laughing and I realized he was pulling a prank on me. He got me good! I do love his sense of humor and that he makes me laugh. 

Roy races micro sprint cars and we were out in his garage looking at parts he had made and I turned to walk back inside the house. He walked up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, kissed me and whispered, "Will you marry me?" I was completely taken by surprise, but I said yes! It wasn't a romantic proposal, but it was definitely memorable! 

We loved our treehouse! It wasn't the exact one we wanted. Everything else was booked and we were lucky to get the Paris Treehouse. We weren't disappointed. We loved the jacuzzi, the romance package and everything about our stay. Our wedding day was beautiful. We definitely plan on coming back and we hope we are able to book a castle treehouse or the ultimate Venice. 

Thank you for making our wedding day special!

The McDaniel's Story

Dustin and Casey were high school sweethearts but life took them in seperate directions for 26 years; then they reunited and were married in December of 2022.

Dustin and Casey got engaged on the shores of Beaver Lake and chose to get married in Eureka Springs! 

Casey said her ceremony was peferctly sweet and intimate! 

The Mitchamore's Story!

We met through mutual friends. We soon discovered our mutual love for Sooner football. It didn't take us long to discover we shared many interests. Chris made reservations at a fancy italian resturant in Krebs, OK. We had a private room and our 3 kids were present. Jamie put a piece of cheese in her mouth when Chris put the ring on the table and proposed marriage. Needless to say Jamie choked on her cheese.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: We have had the times of our lives here! We can't wait till our anniversary so we can come back!!! Love, Love, Love our wonderful experience Eureka Springs Treehouses. We have decided that Eureka Springs is our new most favorite place on Earth!!!! 
Much thanks to Ben & Dawn!
Jamie & Chris Mitchamore - McAlester, OK

The Nash's Story!

Ella and Chris Nash 3/13/2019

Ella and Chris met at Instrust bank about six years ago. Ella was a teller who helped a few times. He looked her up on Facebook and asked her out.

One of their funny dating stories: "After a month of dating, we were playing Call of Duty Black Ops 3. He was winning so I karate chopped him in the throat...whoops!"

Chris proposed on New Years Eve.

Comments About Eureka Springs Treehouses/Their Wedding:

"It was amazing! We are so happy (that) we came here! The room was fantastic and our wedding was very intimate and sweet. Coming back to roses, candles, and an adorable wedding cake just added a little extra to it all!"

The Newman's Story

Michael and Jameelah met on a blind date four years ago in Springfeild, MO.

Their second date went so well that they decided to meet for ice cream later that same evening for date #3!! 

Michael met Jameelah for lunch and he asked in the middle of their taco lunch!!  She was so surprised she couldn't finish her tacos!!  

Thank you for making our wedding everything we had dreamed of! Even with the winter storm everything was perfect and beautiful!! 

The Parris's Story!

Thanks, Elaine and Don, for a very special, moving ceremony. It was absolutely perfect for us! One knows something is divinely blessed when we booked our wedding for the middle of February. Yet, in the dead of winter, after two or three previous blizzard/high snowfall years, this year, the skies were clear and a deep blue color. There was no snow anywhere and we had one of the mildest winters on record. On that Sunday morning, the sun shone brightly and all was in perfect alignment with the world! 
A year ago, to the very day of our wedding, we both attended a spiritual retreat in Tampa, FL. Dee left Tulsa in at least a foot of snow and I drove from Ft. Lauderdale, FL in sunshine. Our reasons for being at the retreat had nothing to do with relationship or romance, but things again divinely conspired to bring us together. 
As I waited for the conference room doors to open to admit the 500+ people, Dee came and stood up right next to me. I felt her presence before I saw her, and knew I had to turn around and speak. The rest is, as they say, history. 
Eureka Springs and the Treehouses are wonderful! For sure, we'll be back! 
Geoff & Darla Parris

The Pennington's Story!

Frank and Tina met online on a dating site. They have been together six and a half years.

Frank gave Tina the wrong directions to his house the first time she was going to see him. He told her to turn left on a road, when she should have turned right. "It's a good thing she's smart or she'd still be driving around looking for his house, six and a half years later. Ha Ha."

They went gogether to look at rings. As soon as they saw her engagement ring, they both said "that's the one," right after Tina tried it on. It had to be sized. Frank picked it up and asked her to be his wife when he gave it to her.

"We have loved our stay here and don't want to leave! The treehouses are beautiful and very cozy. The minister and phtographer did an amazing job and made our day feel very special. Our rooms were very clean and everyone has been very helpful and kind. We will be back in the future and recommend it to family and friends."

The Poff's Story!

We met at a local restaurant in Little Rock. Patrick was a server and Amberli was a hostess. Patrick immediatly liked Amberli even though she didnt seem interested. In time with lots of flirting we eventually exchanged numbers. our first date was Cinco dDe Mayo and the rest is history.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: Everything was perfect the room, the wedding, the view, everything was amazing . Somehow you are right in the middle of the city but you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. Perfect place to runaway and get married!

The Rinehart's Story!

How did you meet: we met online

Funny story: After dating over a year, Jimmy and I parted ways only to realize it was a mistake. Seven months later we were reunited by chance when I unknowingly included him in an email requesting donations for Race for The Cure.

We both realized how much we loved one another and quickly rekindled our relationship and Jimmy proposed Christmas Eve.

We have already started recommending you to friends and family and will be happy to provide a wonderful recommendation on Trip Advisor!

The Spikes's Story!

Chad and Penny met thru a mutual friend. From the first day we met we knew there was lots of chemistry. Ok, "well love at first sight". We started dating and soon after decided to get married. We knew that we were perfect for each other.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: We totally enjoyed every aspect of our romantic getaway and wedding. The New York Treehouse was awesome and the carriage ride was fabulous. Ben and Dawn went above and beyond what we ever expected. 
Thank you.
Chad & Penny Spikes - Benton, AR

The Turney's Story!

How we met...We actually met 10 years ago working together at a church camp. Neither one of use really remember each other from that summer. Ten years later I'm leading youth at my church and Justin is a youth minister across the state and we end up on the same mission team in Nicaragua with Little Ones Ministries. We hit if off on the friends...he didn't seem interested in anything else and I was way past the chasing boys stage. In the end he got over the 4 hour distance between us, we went out on a date once and pretty much fell for each other. Fast - Hard - Forever!
Funny dating story...We really only went on 1 official date on Oct 18th 2014. Talked on the phone for a couple of weeks and decided to get married by the first of November. Guess you could say it was a really good date. :)
How he proposed...We really didn't have an official proposal..we both just knew we weren't dating just to date. It was about marriage and honoring God with our relationship. After all, He did a lot to bring us together!
Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/The Wedding,etc...The wedding was beautiful despite the rain. :) It was just about us and our parents and not a lot of ridiculousness that goes with weddings these days (trust me I've been a bridesmaid 7 times). The honeymoon package and treehouse were beautiful and intimate and we'd recommend this place to anyone! Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding and honeymoon! :) Ashley Turney

The Washington's story!

How we met?  We met at work a few years ago.

Funny dating story?  The first time we actually met we were working at Academy.  Reggie was the new guy.  We both turned a corner and smacked into each other and both awkwardly ran away in the directions we both came from.  We started talking a few days after that .  About a month later I asked Reggie out to our first date!  Here we are years later living our happily ever after!

How did he propose?  Reggie proposed to me in the shark tank at Jenks Aquarium!  Followed by a behind the scenes in to the shark tank!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses...We loved our stay here and can't wait to come back every anniversary to see the other rooms!!

The Weinsinger's Story!

How Shane and Philip met:

Philip was a friend of Shane's boss. "We hit it off by our love of fitness," she says. "Our 1st date was a mud run."

One of their funny dating stories:

When his plumbing backed up, Shane helped him unclog toilets that had flooded the basement. It was a very personal moment, but she believes it helped open up their relationship to discuss anything.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/their wedding:

"Experience as a whole was AMAZING! Everything was perfect and very stress free! Will be back to stay in other castles and caves."

The Windsor's Story

Richard and Mary Windsor were married on 1/2/2020. They met back in 2013. Mary needed a phone line to her house. Ricky knocked on her door and it was an instant rush of feelings. "Somehow like we have known each other for years. But he did his job and left. We did not see each other until 2017. I worked as a preschool teacher with his daughter. Though years had passed we did not remember one another. But still had that spontaneous connection. Not till our third date had passed did we discover that we had already fallen for each other a few years prior. We fell in loveat first sight twice!"

"Ricky and I love to fish. It was early in our relationship, where you still are shy. We were fishing at a state park trying to show the other who is the best fisherman. That's when I lost my footing and fell straight into the deep water hole. He had to pull me out trying not to laugh. I wanted to continue fishing. He teased me about being soaking wet. Then a storm rolled in and rain down poured. We both left drenched."

"Ricky proposed on my birthday in the same location where it all began."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful stay. This was truly a magical experience. Very gorgeous! The thought and hard work that was put to reality is like something out of a fairty tale. We will be back."

The Yancey's Story!

We met on-line, but knew as soon as we talked that there was a connection. When we met in person, we knew for sure that we wanted to see what God had in store for us. We have had a lot of laughs while dating each other, and we don't plan to ever stop 'dating'. When he proposed, he took me to his hometown/homeplace, and to one of his favorite spots, and asked me to marry him.

We absolutely loved our Hobbit Cave! Very inviting and cozy. Our Wedding Ceremony was very special, and we loved all of the little details. We hope to come back again for a special trip.

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