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Guillory's Story

How did you meet? 

"On facebook actually, Paul liked my photo and I asked if I knew him and the conversation started. Three and a half years later we are married."

Funny Dating Story:

"On our first date we went to the grocery store. He asked one of the empoyees if they had store security because some lady was following him around in the store. It was me! Needless to say he loves to joke around."

How did He/She propose?

"He proposed on Christmas day 2017, at his Mom's house with all of his family and my Mom there"

Comments on your stay:

"Completely satisfied. Short and sweet. Thanks so much - Tina and Paul Guillory

Kruizenga's Story

How did you meet?

 "We met at work 2 years ago, we became friends, Christopher is a real prankster and was always making me laugh.I flirted with him for over a year, I swear he never caught on, he says he did sometimes (hahaha ) ! We finally gave it a try, and 4 months later we are crazy in love and getting married!" 

Funny Dating Story?

"Our first date we came to Eureka Springs Arkansas. We are from Batesville, AR. We had what we thought was the most wonderful get a way. Wonderful waiters, a friendly town,beautiful views, we ice skated, roasted marshmellows, visited the local escape room (which we loved ) , we had our cards read and enjoyed a ghost tour. We loved the downtown atmosphere. But most of all we enjoyed being able to be alone together, enjoying and soaking up every minute of happieness. I knew that night that I was going to marry him and so did he."

How did he propose?

"He called a family meeting, I thought some of the kids would be getting in trouble over chores, fighting, etc. He seemed to be struggling addressing the meeting. Then he began with a family that sticks together can achieve anything. He said to his son Chris "now" his sisters nudged him and little Chris, said "oh, this" and pulls out a small square box out of the couch pillows. Christopher gets on one knee and opened that box to reveil a georgous ring that was upside down lol and asked me to marry him, and of course I said YES!"

Comments about your stay:

"It was a beautiful, magical, dream come true!! All the small details (I love the mouse door ) , wish we could have used the fireplace that would have been romantic. To stay in the castle, on our wedding and to get married in the Waterfall Chapel could not have been more perfect. Working around COVID-19 has been difficult pulling off this wedding and thanks to you and to Blossom Beauty. It happened, the weather was perfect and the rain held off just long enough. I can't say how wonderful our stay was here!! Thank you for making our special day perfect!!" - Mr. and Mrs. Kruizenga

Rook's Story

Comments about your stay:

"The best experiance ever!! It was so magical!! The morning of our wedding day I walked outside and saw a baby deer. By the end of the day it stormed and brought a beautiful double rainbow! The next day we saw a pregnent deer outside from our deck. The castle was beautiful! I felt like a real princess!! We will be back for anniversaries!!"

The Bales' Story!

Jason & Jessica met where she works (12 West Bar & Grill). They would sit and talk when she got off work. RECALLED FUNNY DATING STORY: "After dating for a short time, Jason took me to North Carolina where we were supposed to stay in a cabin in Hot Springs. However, they had a huge snow storm and power was completely out. We ended up staying with a friend of his who lived at the top of a huge mountain. Because of the snow we couldn't drive up it. Instead we hiked up it bringing a little luggage & food for them in 12" of snow. They also had no power, running water etc. This was our 1st trip together!!!" THE PROPOSAL: "On the 4th of July, Jason took me to a mountain called Max Patch in North Carolina. It is a bald mountain and you can see a 360 degree view of the mountains around it. He tied a flower on to a ring and asked me to marry him. We slept on the mountain that evening with us, a sleeping bag and one pillow. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!" Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: "We have absolutely loved our stay here at the Treehouses. Our treehouse was beautiful and relaxing!!! Don & Elaine, you guys made our wedding simple, yet fun and elegant!!! This has been a wonderful experience and we plan to come back in the future!!!" Jessica & Jason Bales - Farmington, MO

The Battle's Story

How Did You Meet? 

"We met through a website. Carrie's daughter put together a profile for me to meet people close to home. Casey and I spoke on the phone several weeks before we met face to face. We have been together ever since."

How did he propose?

"February 14th (of course) at my favorite restaurant. After dinner he took my hand and told me that he'd never planned to find somone he wanted to marry, but that I was his moon and stars. He wanted to marry me more than anything. Would I marry him? Yes!"

Comments About Eureka Springs Treehouses/ Wedding, ect...

"This has been an absolute dream. Everything was simple yet absolutely elegant. The staff are wonderful people. A really big thank you. It was a wonderful experience."

The Bielser Story!

How we met...We met through a mutual friend. He left his number on my apartment and we have talked every day since. It was love at first sight!

How he proposed...We were at the Dallas ComicCon. He took me out to the car for a break. He bent down and acted like his stomach was hurting and dropped onto one knee. When I asked what was wrong he said "nothing" and came up with the ring and asked me to marry him. I was so very excited that I couldn't even speak.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding....This was the bet place to come for the wedding. The Hobbit Cave was so beautiful and secluded. The wedding was perfect! And then to come back to see all the candles and rose petals. Thank you so very much for the best wedding ever!

The Bivens' Story

Jess and Michael were married on 7/27/2019.

"We met on Eharmony. Our profiles were a joke; neither of us were actually looking for someone to date. I (Jess) created my profile to prove to a friend that online dating is a bad thing and doesn't work. I created it under the agreement that I would give ita try for one month, but that if i didn't find a good guy, she has to stop online dating. Michael was one of the first people I messaged (as I was forced to actually participate in this experiment) and I did not get a response back all month until two days before my subscription ran out. We talked all day and night and here we are 6 years later getting married on the date of our first date.

On our first date we went to a bowling alley where we could talk and have a little competition. Everything was going great until I spilled my entire drink  in his shoes (rum and pineapple).  He laughed it off. I was thinking it was awesome that he wasn't mad. So I  went to the restroom to clean up. When I walked out, it was my turn to bowl. I did not realize that I had a long string of toilet paper attached and travelling behind my shoes. It's a miracle this man called me the next day after all of the crazy things that happened that night. His shoes smelled like rum and pineapples for about three years after that date.

We decided to get married the Sunday before we were married. One week of prep time! He propoesed the day of our wedding while I was getting ready on one knee. He asked me to marry him officialy and said that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me.

Our stay was magical! Thank you for going the extra mile to make our wedding day and stay effortless and memorable. WE WILL BE BACK!"

The Cagle's Story!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We couldn't have imagined how beautiful the Treehouse would be. Our Wedding was amazing! The waterfall made a beautiful background for our pictures. We enjoyed every minute of our stay! We will be back! :)

The Champion's Story!

We absolutely loved the pictures. Everything was sooo perfect, just like I wanted. Simple and sweet. 
The treehouse was very, very cute. I loved it! Couldn't have asked for anything better.
You guys were terrific and made everything so easy and carefree. 
Thanks sooo much for the perfect ceremony and the picnic dinner was awesome. 
I could go on and on. 
Thanks again so much. 
Brandon and Regina Champion

The Chapman's Story

Timothy and Clarissa were married on 7/26/2020.

They met at school when Clarissa transferred to Timothy's school in 2011. They finished middle school and high school together.

He proposed to her on Pikes Peak in Colorado when they went on vacation in 2018. "I was very nervous and unsure of what to say. We walked around the top of the mountain and I was looking for a good spot to propose. When I found a good spot, I stopped walking and put my hand on the ring in my pocket. I took a few more steps and tripped and I almost threw the ring off the mountain when I tried to catch myself. So she saw the ring and was very surprised."

"Great and quiet place. Tons of privacy!"

The Didway's Story!

How did you meet?  He was a customer at the bank where I worked.  We just started talking and it went from there.  Timing was perfect!

 How did he propose?  He took me to a romantic restaurant where we were with our families and gave me the sweetest speech and then popped the question!  It couldn't have been any more perfect!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding.....

The Castle Treehouse was perfect!  Everything we imagined and more!  Our wedding day couldn't have been more special from the ceremony to the pictures!  Everything was absolutely perfect!  We will definitely be returning for future stays!  Thank y'all for everything!

The Freeman's Story!

We met on a Tuesday morning (at 5:30 AM). I am a salesperson for a food services company, and he was the driver delivering my stops. I had routed some product to an account he was delivering, and needed to pick it up. When he got there, I walked up to him and asked him what had taken him so long to get there :-}.

A funny dating story was when we had gone out prior to officially dating. We were leaving and he was going to go around the back of the building because it was easier. Yeah, right...he took the curve and had just accelerated my car when he hit some temporary fencing that had been placed...we went straight through it. He could not go any further and had to back up, the fencing scraping my whole car. Crazy night.

When he proposed, he drove me past the place where he had first met me. He walked me to a point on the lake that overlooked both the dam and the lake. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (on June 26, 2011). Hence, why we were married on June 26, 2013.

Our wedding and stay was more than what we expected. It was stunning. Don was sooooo very sweet, and Tammy did an exceptional job taking our pictures. Our check-in experience was great! Loved it.

The Garrett's Story!

...Thank You for a more than dreamed about weekend. We really enjoyed our stay at the tree houses everything was beautiful. The romance package was great I was super excited to get back to the tree house and see what was done, we walked in the door and my jaw hit the floor, it was more than I would have dreamed of it was perfect. We tired Local Flavor and it was really good. We went to 62 Diner twice and it was wonderful. I have already recommend y'all to friends and family. We will be returning soon. 
Thanks Again for everything and for a stress free wedding and weekend. 

Haley and Ryan Garrett 
(I love being able to put that)

The Garrison's Story

Dale and Kaylin were married on 8/6/2020.

They went to the same high school and Dale pursued Kaylin on Facebook for months before she accepted a date. They went on a few dates and then he went to church camp and didn't tell her. So she got another boyfriend. Fast forward 5 years. He got her a job at Subway so they started working together. "The rest is history."

"I made him spaghetti and loaded it with cinnamon as a joke. We were super new so he it ate it all so he didn't hurt my feelings. On the way to his car he vomited all of the spaghetti that he forced down. I didn't tell him for years that it was a joke because I felt bad for making him puke."

How Dale proposed: "He bribed me with spaghetti and $500. I opened 6 boxes. Each containing $100 until I got to the ring."

"We absolutely loved our stay and felt like royalty in our castle Treehouse. We are eager to come back and stay in all of the other caves, hobbit holes, and treehouses." 

The Gilbert's Story!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:Our stay here has been ideal.  We have loved every minute.  The wedding ceremony could not have been more perfect. It was romantic, tasteful, lovely and very meaningful to us.  Thank you for everything!  We loved our stay and our wedding!

The Glass's Story!

Josh and Dorci Glass were married on 6/15/2019.

Dorci's sister introduced them.

Josh always scares Dorci. He will stand in front of her and say BOO and she will jump 3 feet. =)

Josh is not a picture taking guy, but when they were taking couple pictures, he got down on one knee and asked Dorci to marry him.

"The Wedding was perfect all we could have ever dreamed of. Thank ya'll so much for making our day amazing."

The Gray's Story!

Our story is almost 40 years long. We met when I was 15, he was 16. It was love at first sight. We dated in high school but life took us separate ways. I had been single for about 6 years, going through life raising my children but I was really feeling like I wanted that special someone to share the rest of my life. So I said a prayer, asking God if he felt like it was time for me to share my life with someone, send me a sign.....a few nights later I had a nightmare about my high school sweetheart, Gregg, a disturbing nightmare, so disturbing when I woke I immediately began trying to find him. I found him that morning on Facebook and sent him a message to just see how he was doing. He messaged back these words...I have always loved you my whole life.....and the rest is history. We married June 14, 2013 at your lovely chapel. We are looking forward to loving each other for the rest of our days on this planet and into eternity. God has
given us a gift, a beautiful gift of love, our soul mate. 

Our wedding was beautiful. I love the pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in our lovely treehouse. The privacy was fantastic, the balcony was exceptionally relaxing with a view up in the trees. The hot tub was awesome too!! Thank you for a wonderful wedding and honeymoon.

The Hall's Story!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses;

Thank YOU! We really enjoyed the pictures with you.  And I'm so pleased with how they turned out. I love them! The ceremony and everything was absolutely exactly what we wanted and more! I'm so so pleased. Everything went perfect! And I thank you so much for helping us make our special day perfect and easy! We will definitely be back. We'll have to try a new room next time!
Kesha and Damon 

The Henry's Story!

Robert and Christina Henry were married on 9/9/2019.

How they met: " I sent him a message on Facebook. Thought he was a pretty handsome guy. I knew his brother and knew of him, but hadn't ever met him. Told him I needed help hooking up my son's Playstation. Which I didn't. lol."

Funny dating story: " The very first date he came over to hang out. I had 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a pig in the house. Only can imagine his thoughts. Been together ever since."

How Robert proposed: "Laying in bed watching a movie and he just asked if I would marry him."

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/ Your Wedding:

"Truly made our special day the best! Will be coming back for our anniversaries. Everything was perfect. 5 star rating from us and we will be back. Thank you so much."

The Higgins's Story!

We actually have known each other since 2nd grade. But then in middle school I moved away. Then there was this thing called Facebook that we were both members on. I had my married name when I asked to be his friend and he pushed "accept" because we had mutual friends not knowing exactly who I was. Then I was getting divorced and changed my name back to my maiden name on Facebook. Then the light came on and he realized who I was. We became talkative friends on Facebook because he too was going through a divorce. Then we started texting, then we went to dinner eventually and it's all history from there.

Funny dating story: On our first date there was a huge snow storm. But he had a truck and I had a 4x4 SUV so we both braved the roads and met at Logan's Steakhouse. Little did I know, because he hid it very well, that he had gotten stuck in the restaurant parking lot and had to get out and shovel his way out before I got there. He told me later and I told him I had no idea.

How he proposed: He kept it a big secret, then he showed up in the morning after work and asked me to list all the things we've done together that have been firsts. We are very adventuresome and a lot of things we do together are firsts for both of us. Then he opened this box in the dark and it a built in light shining on the ring and he said "What about marrying each other?" "That would be a first." Then he said "Will you marry me?" Of course I cried and said yes with a big hug and kiss!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses: This was the perfect location and the perfect ceremony. We wanted low key and relaxing and that all Oak Crest is. The atmosphere is perfect with rustic nature but yet luxurious rooms. And the wedding package was perfect. Just enough to not be stressful. Thanks for everything! We will be back! David and Jami

The Higgs's Story!

"Our wedding was perfect. The setting at the waterfall was beautiful. They did a wonderful job with the romantic setup of the room. Elaine and Don did a wonderful job with the wedding and made our stay unforgettable. 
The treehouse was awesome. What a great experience. We watched a deer with her two babies eat right in the "backyard". We watched them for about 15 minutes that morning right from the back porch. The next day a fox came by. 
We had a great time and will be back. Thank you Elaine and Don. "
Chris & Tanja

The Hoffman's Story!

David & Kwanna met online through Love-n-Seek, a Christian dating site... I saw his picture and where he was from-Kansas-I wrote to him. "You look like someone I could be friends with". Two weeks later he drove down to Tulsa so we could meet. We spent three days together. Our first kiss goodbye-we knew we had something special.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"Loved your site-visited it many times as we anticipated our Retreat/Wedding & Honeymoon. Everything was wonderful. We will be back. We truly appreciated your attention to details. We have never enjoyed our time together so very much as we did here. The tops in our books.
What a wonderful place to start our lives together. Thank you Don and Elaine for everything.
David & Kwanna Hoffman - Hutchinson, KS

The Holley's Story!

Heath came into my office to get his wisdom tooth pulled and we noticed each other, but nothing became of it. It was destiny as one week later our friends introduced us and we had so much in common; from that moment we knew we had been blessed with finding our one true soulmate.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
Our friends were so....right when they said looks can be deceiving, it's so much better than we ever expected! The wedding was perfect, the New York Loft Treehouse was perfect & you guys are wonderful. 
Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for making this memorable occasion so awesome.
Heath & Crystal Holley - Checotah, OK

The Holmes Story

Mark and Paula Homes were married 8/13/2019.


"Paula and I met through friends back in 1985. I had come out of the army in 1984. We hung out together. We went to the spring river in Hardy. Movies every weekend. We went out on a date. Rode around town in Truman, AR, making the loop. But nothing came around. No one was interested in a serious relationship. I went and served with the US Coast Guard in 1986. Still we wrote each other. In 1988 I was back serving close to home, but still no relationship. We both married others. In 2018, our closest friend passed away. We texted at first, then talked. I was gone to work for 28 days. We would text or talk every day up to 4:00 in the morning. After that was pure bliss."

"Everyday I do something funny to always make her laugh and smile. She does the same. She catches on to my humor and comes back at me the same. We are always busting up laughing."

How Mark proposed: "We were at the Christmas Tree Farm Cabin in Ozark, AR on Feb, 14, 2019. She was laying in bed. I said, 'Would you like to open your Valentine's Day gift?' She said, 'let's wait till later.' I said, 'no, open it up." She opened her gift and there was a silver jewelry box. Inside was a wedding ring. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and asked if I was serious. I said, 'will you marry me?" Of course she said yes.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Wedding, ect:

"The wedding was wonderful. The caves was awesome. This has to be the place ever. And I have travelled to Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska."

The Howard's Story!

The proposal:
One night Evan kneeled beside the bed and asked if I would answer a question with my most honest answer.....then he asked if I would marry him!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
I just wanted to say that our stay here at the Treehouse was wonderful. The quiet atmosphere, the scenery and the hospitality all made it worth while. Jennifer and I both want to come back for another stay. Thank you so very much for the experience you have given us. The hospitality you show your guests can never be duplicated. We are so glad we decided to bring our moment to your facility. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! 

The Huynh's Story!

How did you meet?  We met on an application for cell phones called Yik Yak.  It's used to socialize students on large campuses.  I made a post about one of my hobbies and Andrew commented on it saying he had the same hobby.

 Funny dating story?  Our first date was the most awkward but hilarious meeting.  Andrew picked me up from my apartment and offered to buy me bubble tea and show me around Stillwater, since I had just moved there.  When we got the bubble tea it was awful!  We both got stomach aches and went back to my apartment to chill and watch a movie.  We never buy bubble tea from that place ever!

How did he propose?  Andrew proposed on July 4th, 2016 on his family's boat after I went water skiing.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding, etc....  We will definitely be coming back!  This town and it's people are extremely nice and friendly.  When we arrived at Eureka we completely freaked out over how windy the roads are and how high up we were.  The cottages were absolutely SPLENDID!  We had our breath taken away!  We even bought a glass castle to remember our cottage.


The Jones's Story!

We lived across the street from one another as kids, hung around together in the neighborhood, and went to the same bus stop and school. But no romance connection. Twenty years later, he found me on a dating website, and we met for coffee to catch up. One thing led to another, and here we are five years later getting married!

For his proposal - I had always wanted to go for a hot air balloon ride, so one weekday after work he surprised me and proposed while we were up in the hot air balloon.

We loved everything during our stay; so quiet and beautiful. In ten years, when Bill can retire, we are going to move here!

Thank you for a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!

The Kantor's Story!

Please know that all the "Thank You" is from us.  We couldn't of dreamed our special wedding any BETTER!!!!! 
A girls dream is always to grow up, meet Mr. Perfect and have the best wedding ever. I never thought that getting away on a small little vacation to where I grew up going twice a year every year would be that PERFECT day I have always dreamed of.  Part of my dream was always to have my Daddy walk me down and give me away.  But God prevailed because Dad is with him and I had my Mom give me to Mr. PERFECT, David Kantor!  Eureka Springs Treehouses allowed my day to be centered around me, I was able to specialize it to us and the people from checking in to Georgiana and Dennis were heaven sent! I brought a picture of both of our fathers and our son to be part of our big day. So they were there.  Our family who were there were treated just as good as we were and are still raving!!!  We came to our room that evening and there was our wedding cake, champagne and banner with our names!!! We were shocked that someone who didn't even know us took so much time to CARE!!!  Eureka Springs Treehouses made our day, especially for this bride feel the most special, beautiful and grateful I have EVER felt. 
Thank You soooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
We will be back next year to celebrate the 1 year.  Its already planned!!!

The Kearbey's Story!

How Justin & Jenn met?
We both used to attend the same functions, but never crossed paths. Years later, mutual fiends suggested we were perfect for each other. We had our first date January 1, 2006 and have been together ever since!

How did Justin propose?
Out of the blue - Justin asked if I wanted to get engaged. I said "Sure, why not?" and the rest is history.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"Don & Elaine - where to begin! From the moment we checked in, you all were so nice, sweet and free with your hugs! We had a blast. The ceremony was beautiful, as was our Treehouse. And the romantic dinner - there are no words! We will definitely be back. 
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!"
Justin & Jenn Kearbey - Springfield, MO

The Kenner's Story!

Alston and I met in college in 2001.  We met on a social media website.  We moved from "just acquaintances" to becoming best friends.  We saw each other through good and bad relationships. I remember when I got engaged and moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2007, he told me, "it's not gonna work with him.  You'll be back within 6 months."  He was right.  I was back within 2 months.  Later, he ended a serious relationship a year after I came back.  We would talk on the phone for hours.  We began "hanging out" such as going to movies and eating at restaurants.  Then all the sudden, "BOOM! We started dating." 

He purchased a home and we decided to move in with each other.He and I swore we would not move in with anyone unless were getting married.  I think at that point we both knew we were going to get married.  We went to his sister's wedding and he introduced me to everyone as his fiance. It was confirmed again when we went to the emergency room due to hurting his arm.They asked who is your emergency contact: my fiance, Sakina. 
We decided to elope due to prevent stress, anxiety, and dealing with family issues.  Our experience at Eureka Springs Treehouses was awesome! I was really nervous and anxious about the whole "wedding/elopement." The staff were patient and friendly with me.  They definatley put my mind at ease.. Our stay was quiet, peaceful, and romantic.  The treehouse and the amenities in the treehouse exceeded our expectations.  Our ceremony was simple yet very intimate.  Our photographer did an awesome job capturing some really great moments on our wedding day.  I would highly recommend Eureka Springs Treehouses for Weddings, Honeymoons, or just a romantic getaway.---By the way, we plan on coming back!      

The King's Story!

We met in high school and reconnected about 8 years ago and have been together ever since.

He proposed on Valentines Day 5 years ago but neither one of us was in a hurry and we took a vacation to Okinawa 3 years ago instead of getting married.  Everything was perfect we enjoyed every part of our visit. The restaurants suggested were awesome. Our ceremony was perfect and and our photographer was the sweetest. Happy to make this our place!

The Kroutil's Story!

Thank you so much for sharing in and helping make our �Wedding Weekend" wonderful! I am so blessed to have found the man that makes up my other half I never knew existed. He is my best friend, love of my life, and now husband. We spent our wedding weekend camping and canoeing Friday through Saturday with fantastic campfire meals. Once off the river, we drove to the most extraordinary site to find Eureka Springs Treehouses where we got to say �I Do" to each other and enjoy a dreamy horse-drawn carriage ride followed by a romantic evening located high off the ground! Our tree house was beautiful and the serenity surrounding us made the weekend complete! We look forward to spending our anniversaries with you year after year.
Thank you so much again for it all!"
Carrie Kroutil

The Krueger's Story!

Tabitha and I couldn't have asked for a better, more romantic wedding experience. Everything at the Eureka Springs Treehouses was just perfect and the room we shared, as well as the atmosphere, the privacy, the comfort, cleanliness was even more than we imagined. You treated us very special and that's how it should be.

We both wanted something different with our wedding. We wanted to get away and experience something quiet and relaxing, so we could sit back and enjoy every single minute of our long weekend. We got just that. The ceremony, the town, the experience will be something we remember for the rest of our lives. We're already talking about making another trip back there and we already know where we want to stay!

Marriage is something very special and the love we share is something we don't ever want to take for granted. Tabitha is the most wonderful woman I've ever met in my life and the last 19 months have been great. We challenge each other and complement each other's lives so much. Our love has grown each and every day and we want to build a life together that is truly a blessing from God. He has brought us together, we have no doubt, and we pray that He continues to bless our life and we can be an inspiration to others.

Thanks again so much for the experience we shared.

John and Tabitha

The Lenard's Story!

How did you meet? We met online!  I was going to school in Pineville, LA and he lived in Monroe at the time.  He sent me a message on a site called plenty of fish (POF).  We decided to meet at my favorite italian restaurant Monjuniz.  After that we saw each other every weekend.

 How did he propose?  He brought me back to Monjuniz, we got the same booth where we had met three years earlier.  It was December - close to Christmas.  He had a bag with him and after we ordered drinks he handed it to me.  It was a wedding planner.  He said "Why would you need that?" and then got down on one knee and told me that when he woke me up that morning he called me Ms. Freeman and he wanted to change that.

 Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding etc...  This had been the best time!  Every one has been so hospitable!  Our wedding was lovely!  Just what we wanted - beautiful, carefree and simple.  Georgiana was so wonderful!  We had a blast taking pictures!  We want to wish everyone at ESTH a heartfelt thank you for making our day so carefree and special.  We will be back for our anniversary. 

Thank you SO MUCH!
We were blown away at the attention to detail you guys showed us. You made our day so easy and special. This way we could focus on our love for each other. We can't thank you enough for everything!  No doubt we'll see you next year!

Thank you!  The Lenards

The Lopes' Story


We just want to say just a BIG THANK YOU MANDY & GARY.... The place was just PHENOMENAL in every way.  It felt so complete to Jason and I, just like the two of us feel for each other. This is a wonderful beautiful thing in our books. Thank you for taking the time and having fun with the picture taking that was special in every way...


Well, there hasn’t been a lot of funny dating stories, but a lot of fun times.  Jason and I enjoy riding our Harley bikes, lots of country riding, Bikes Blues & Barbecue.  We have great plans in the future of riding places we have never been and enjoying the rest of lives together doing whatever we decide.

HOW HE PROPOSED:  We already knew the date of the wedding, everything was planned, but Jason had to make it official.  LOL

On 6-11-15 Jason wanted to take me to this restaurant in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, called Frank and Lola’s (best ribs and steaks in town, yummy).  Let me just say, that was on a Thursday.  I was told we were going ring shopping that following Saturday.  So, needless to say I was very SURPRISED that he already had the ring and was proposing that evening in the restaurant. WOW….


This is a very neat story, almost unheard.  On August 30, 2013, my oldest son and I were on craigslist looking for a vehicle.  I was texting several people that Friday evening about what they had for sale.  My mechanic told me things to ask so that no one knew I was a lady asking these questions….LOL.  Jason just happened to have a vehicle on there for sale.  I was asking him questions and his cell phone was going dead.  I then called his house phone, not 2 seconds in the conversation he accidently hung up on me.  I told my son, well, I guess that wasn’t meant to be.  Jason called right back and we talked about the 4 runner he had for sale.  I told him I could call him back the next day and talk about the 4 runner.  I thought he had a family, but he said no.  I called him at 10:00PM, the next thing you know we talked about our lives and everything we could image to talk about we didn’t get off the phone until 7:30 AM the next morning.  We slept maybe 4 hours and we were texting again.  He called and we discussed a time we could come look and see if my son liked the 4 runner.   Jason didn’t want to sell it to me, he just wanted to meet and greet.  I told him I called about a business deal and I needed to take care of that first, I would consider the meet and greet another time.  The neat part of our story was that neither of us were looking for another person, but we feel like GOD put us together.  There has never been a time that we didn’t talk every day.  He lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  We couldn’t see each other every day so it was mainly phone communication.  We learned a lot about each other, what we wanted, stood for just everything.  So that old saying is so very true, it will come when you least expect to...GOD works in mysterious ways.  Look 2 years later 8-9-2015 we said I DO.

Thank you again Mandy!  You were just awesome!

Jason & April Lopes


The Miller's Story!

Jody and Miles  met coaching against each other in an adult softball league. Rivals!


They were married Saturday June 22nd, 2019.


"The cave is amazing. We love it and will be back. The wedding was perfect for us. Everyone is friendly and professional."

The Nickell's Story!

Kaleb & Sara met in college. They both majored in Biology and had alot of classes together. Most of their getting to know each and dates were while they were out for class identifying amphibians, reptiles and birds! 

Kaleb proposed bear huggin Sara from behind in their kitchen with an open ring box.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"We loved the tranquility of the treehouse. Obviously we are nature lovers and within the first 24 hours we saw a really big walking stick, deer below the deck and various birds such as Fish Crows & Pileated woodpeckers!"

The Ollar's Story!

How did you meet?  My best friend of 20 plus years, who is Terry's cousin, introduced us in July 2009.  We had a phone conversation on July 4th, 2009.  We officially met on July 5, 2009.  We have been inseparable ever since.  He is best friend and I am his.

How did he propose?  We separated in December 2014 - spent a year apart - he asked me to come talk to him in November 2015.  We spoke about how much we missed each other and how we needed to move forward either together or apart.  He decided he just wouldn't live without me.  He then said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!  In February 2016 he officially looked and purchased my rings and asked me to be his wife!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding, etc...Our stay at Oak Crest Cottages was amazing!  Our wedding was perfect, staff was excellent.  Our Romance Package was amazing!  Definitely will be back for our anniversary every year!

The Owens Story!

How did you meet?

We met at a NA meeting. She actually wouldn't talk to me in person, only over text message. Finally we started actually talking when we were in person and the most is history.


How did he/she propose?

My proposal was kind of strange honestly. I basically walked in and tossed her a ring. She was like "what's this?" I said it's an engagement ring duh and that's how I proposed.


Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Hogsveil Wedding etc...

Fantastic overall experience, will definitely reccommend to my friends. The photographer was amazing!!! Took her time to get the right shots and made us feel extremely special. 

The Posey's Story!

How did you meet?  We met online on a dating site called Plenty of Fish (POF)

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding, etc...  The Wedding ceremony was beautiful.  We absolutely love our photographer.  The accommodation was amazing, we were very impressed with everything and we are grateful to the team for assisting with making it memorable.

The Radford's Story

Toniy and Vicki Radford were married 8/8/2020.

They met on an online dating site. It was both their first time to use Plenty of Fish. They had a lot in common and fell in love quickly. They dated 6 months before getting married.

"Every date is a fun date when we are together."

They are in the process of building their first home together. Tony proposed at the construction site. He said he felt that it was appropriate because they would be starting their life together in that house.

"We are very nerdy and love the themed houses. Tony has always wanted a Hobbit House so instead of building one we decided to honeymoon in one. It was a fantastic stay. We will be back. The wedding was perfect!"

The Rainbolt's Story!

Chris and I met while both working at Wal-Mart. I still work there and Chris now works for Wilson Combat. N-e-ways, I thought his tractor was sexy, he thought I was out of his league lol. We never let each other know how we felt and he moved away. On November 14th, 2012 he messaged me and asked how I was and if I was still at Wal-Mart. We started chatting quite a bit. We were going to go on a date but something always didn't work out. December 9, 2012 we finaly went out, backroading to be exact lol (what better way to get to know someone right). It was the best 1st date EVA. He was the peanut to my butta, and the rest as they say, was history.

On December 9, 2013 he and my daughter (now our daughter) asked me to marry him. She called me in her room, she was holding a sign and my Mr. was down on one knee. It was perfect!

July 9, 2014 we became husband and wife, Mr. N Mrs. Rainbolt at Eureka Springs Treehouses, and it was awesome!

Eureka Springs Treehouses is amazing. I would recommend it to anybody. We did not have to plan anything. We were told to show up on our day of arrival and so we did. Everything had been taken care of for us. Tammy was so great to us and so very helpful anytime we needed her. Our wedding ceremony and our Castle was like a fairytale come true. Everything we wanted and more. We thank U guys so much for the fabulous experience and we will be back on our anniversary. Ya'l Rock!!!

The Sayre's Story!

"The time & thought that you put into making someones special day truly special...can't be matched. You have made our day & experience of joining our lives together one we will never forget.
May God bless your lives like you have blessed ours."
Brett & Lauri

The Seelye's Story!

Sean & Rebecca worked at the same place for a little over two years. They saw each other everyday, but it took almost the entire two years for Sean to ever even say "Hi" to Rebecca.

It was Christmas 2008 when Sean decided to propose. He sat the ring box on a branch of the Christmas tree and then told Rebecca that she needed to come see what Santa brought! It took here a couple of minutes to even notice the ring. He then wrapped his arms around her and said, "So, will you marry me?"

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses
"We loved everything! Our treehouse was wonderful! Everything was so well scheduled and planned it made everything run very smoothly. Don and Elaine were wonderful and made us feel welcome and special from the beginning to end."
Sean & Rebecca Seelye - Sapulpa, OK

The Seymore's Story

Shawn and Michelle were married on Friday 6/21/2019.

How Shawn and Michelle met: "Even though we live in a small town with about 1, 717 people, we actually met through an online dating app. We talked on 2/11 and went to dinner that evening. By February 15th we were committed to each other. We were engaged three months later and married the 4th month. When you know!"

"We went to the Smoky Mountains. That Monday morning, I was sitting on the cabin porch admiring the view when he got down on one knee, told me he loved me, and asked me to be his wife!"

"This was so stress free and perfect! You guys thought of everything from the welcome basket with the hand written card to the delicious wedding made this couple feel special! We loved every bit of it!"

The Singleton's Story!

Jenny and Troy were high school sweet hearts. Military, war, life, and not being ready for the love they had, they decide dto seperate and let life take its course, while remaining friends. 18 years later, life brought them back to each other.

Their decision to get married was more of a mutual compromise, because they knew that is what they wanted. 

"Our love has done nothing but grow stronger and stronger for each other."

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/their wedding: 

"Quiet, secluded, no stress. Beautiful and welcoming. Stress free wedding. Beautiful setting. Simple but a dream come true."

The Tuggle's Story!

How we met...Jason and I have actually known one another since grade school. We both went to school in the small town of Carl Junction, MO, just a few miles from Joplin. Even though we have known one another for over 25 years we never really ran in the same social circles but that all changed thanks to help from Jason's sister Jennifer and life circumstances that put us together at exactly the right moment.

Funny dating story...In 2011 I had just gone through a divorce and so had Jason. At that time he started conversing with me on facebook because his sister Jennifer, whom I worked with at Carl Junction schools set about trying to set us up. Shortly after that though I closed my facebook account and didn't see Jason or talk to him again until baseball season of 2012 when he was watching his nephew play ball on the same team as my son. For some reason I was interested in him in a way I hadn't been up to that point and I got his number from his sister. We went on our 1st date the Friday after I called him and we've been together since!

How he proposed...Jason surprised me on November 28, 2013, Thanksgiving Day and also my birthday, by asking me to marry him in from of all our family. I, of course, said yes!!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding...We chose Eureka Springs Treehouses because I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the place. The small, quick ceremony was exactly what we wanted at this point in our lives and the romantic setting was a wonderful treat!!

The Walker's Story!

"Thank you for everything and a wonderful weekend." 
Rebecca & Lowery Walker II

The Watts's Story!

Larry & Debbie met in 1976, it was there sophomore year of high school and Debbie sat behind Larry in 5th our American History class. 

I always thought she was "da bomb". 37 years later I finally asked her out to dinner. It was 12 long days before our work schedules allowed us that first date. I was so nervous, but she hung out with me two mornings before work, so I didn't completely freak out. 

Debbie asked me while I was updating bills. She stood at the door of the den and asked if I would marry her. I told her of course. She came to me and got down on one knee and said, "not would you consider marrying me. Will you marry me?" A few months later when we bought the rings, I dropped to one knee and asked her again while putting the ring on. 

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
The Hobbit Cave was Awesome!!! We would definitely recommend!

The William's Story!

How did you meet?

I ( Robia) taught his niece and asked his sister about him (Michael) she told me to stay away from him because he wasnt my type. Here we are three years later getting married.

Funny dating story?

Michael has four children and i have three children we dicided to take them all on a date with us, there was not a dull moment!

How did he propose?

I have a cat named Rebel. He put the ring on his collar. Michael kept telling me to come look at his new collar. I was chasing the cat around. I looked at his collar and it was the same one as before. Then i saw the ring!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses...

GREAT!! We loved it!! We couldnt have asked for anything better! We will be telling everyone about our wonderful stay! Thank You for a Great Stay!


The Wood's Story!

Our stay at Eureka Springs Treehouse was the perfect beginning making a fantasy marriage become a reality. Thank you for making our special day unforgettable with a clean, secluded and romantic setting as a perfect utopia to launch a lifetime together.

Steven & Debbie Wood

The Wyant's Story

Casey and Jessica Wyant were married on 8.6.2019.

Jessica worked with Casey's dad and Casey would always come in to see his dad. Eventuaually he started coming in to see her. They started hanging out more, then dating.

Casey proposed by taking Jessica to her hometown's botanical garden. She loves nature and flowers, so she was over the moon to be there. They walked the whole garden and right by a path of wildflowers he called her name and she turned around to see him down on one knee. That's when he asked her to marry him.

"Getting married here was such a magical experience and spending our honeymoon here was beyond relaxing and everything we hoped that it would be!"

Winn's Story

How did you meet?

 "I actually had a friend, who had a friend looking for a job and I was looking for a few new empoyees. I jokingingly asked if he was cute, and was told"no". So I hired him, then when he started he was cute and super cocky and I regretted not doing an interview. He would try to flirt with me and get out of working, he began to joke about hanging out. I told him if that was really what he wanted he would have to quit and find a new job. He quit 2 weeks later and we went to the Norman Music Festival together and we have been jamming ever since!"

Funny Dating story:

"All of our stories! Shhh!"

How did he/she propose?

"We went from Oklahoma to St. Louis to buy a car and ended up taking the Arch Tour. He proposed at the top of the St. Louis Arch! And I said "yes"!"

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses Wedding:

"Everything about our room was perfect! Central Park Treehouse LOVED IT! We made friends with Pete the squirrel we know his name from other reviews. He loves nuts, maybe a basket of squirrel food to feed him next time? Super friendly, maybe awnings off the balconies for rainy days would be amazing! We had a great time! Thanks so much Mr. and Mrs Winn"

The Hill's Story

Nicole and I met at work; she was my boss. LOL We take care of people with disabilities, so it can be stressful at times and we bonded over that. We were staying at the Treehouses and walking around the property after dinner one evening when Nicole said, we should look in there pointing to the chapel. I tried to tell her we were not suposed to go in there but she insisted, when we walked in the chapel was set up for a proposal for Jennifer, I giggled and said it's all set up for someone else named Jennifer...It was me I was the Jennifer!!! It was so funny

So we had to return for our wedding, this is our 4th stay and we absolutely love it!! Everyone was so nice and made our wedding so special! The photographer was amazing! Thank you guys, for everything! We will be back!!  - Jennifer & Nicole

The Williams' Story!

How did you meet? We met at an apartment complex in Tulsa. I was the property manager and Russ was a tenant that soon started helping out around the property.

Funny dating story? Even though Russ and I each had plenty of money in our back accounts we managed to come up 12 cents short at a check out line in a grocery store. It turned into a whole funny ordeal.

How did he propose? It was a very intimate proposal, perfect!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding etc... As a hospitality manager for several years, this was an experience we will never forget. Friendly, helpful staff, attention to detail, well-kept comfortable accommodations. I can't say enough! This was a beautiful experience.

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