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You've got questions? Hopefully you'll find your answers here. BUT... if not, please feel free to inquire. You may do so by hitting the Contact Button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Both of our locations are approximately 2 miles out of the Historic Downtown Shopping District.
All attractions are within a 5 to 10 minute drive. Restaurants are within 2/10 of a mile.

You can purchase your tickets right from the Trolley Driver. A one day pass is $6 per rider.
For the Trolley Schedule visit
The Trolley stop is about a 5 minute walk to the main road.

If you need to cancel, you’ll need to receive a cancellation number. Otherwise your reservation will not be considered cancelled.
You will need to keep this number just in case there is a discrepancy regarding your cancellation.
If you do use e-mail, you still need to make sure you have received a cancellation number. Just sending your e-mail does not mean your reservation has been cancelled, you must receive your cancellation number.

A full refund minus $50 is returnable

GROUP RESERVATIONS: (For 2-4 rooms ) There is a four week cancellation policy. All would be the same as above only instead of 14 days it would be four weeks as described above. (For 5 to 7 rooms ) There is a two month cancelation policy. (Over 8 rooms ) There is a three month cancelation policy and we take a 2 night deposit per each room. If you need to cancel, you’ll need to receive a cancellation number.

Otherwise your reservation will not be considered cancelled.
You will need to keep this number just incase there is a discrepancy regarding your cancellation.
If you do use e-mail, you still need to make sure you have received a cancellation number. Just sending your e-mail or making a phone call does not mean your reservation has been cancelled, you must receive your cancellation number.

No refunds for early departures.

No shortening of 3-night minimum stays are allowed at any time. We will allow shortening of a stay if you are booked for 4 or more nights, and by dropping a night it will not cause a single night opening in that room. In addition, this will only be allowed if you are requesting the date change two or more weeks prior to your originally-scheduled arrival date (or four weeks prior if you are in a 'group' booking ) . For example if it was a 3-night minimum booking, but you booked 5 nights and now you want to drop last 2 nights of a reservation, and it is more than two or four weeks out, that would be allowed. Now under the same example, if you just wanted to drop last night of a 5-night reservation, and it would cause a single night opening in that room, that would not be allowed.


Weather Cancelation Policy

Since weather forecast are not 100% accurate, we will make the determination the day of your arrival as to weather and road conditions . At 10AM we will check the road conditions for highway 62, 65 , 23 & highway 540 which are the main routes into Eureka Springs. If 62, 65, 23, 540 roads are 50% clear we consider that the road is open. If your area where you are coming from, the main highway are 50% clear (example Interstate 540, 70, 44, 40 etc ) we consider the road to be open. If the road conditions web sites are down then we will call the highway patrol and find out if the road is impassable to make a decision. If you feel that you do not want to come even if the main highway roads are 50% clear then I recommend that we cancel your reservation ASAP and open up your room and we try it rebook it for you and if we are successful you can then change your dates. If the road conditions are worst than 50% the day of your reservation (as explained up above ) we will cancel your reservation and refund all the deposits made or change your dates.

These are the following websites we check for road conditions:


Missouri 888-275-6636 Road Conditions Web Page

ROAD Conditions OKLAHOMA 844-465-4997 (844-4OK-HWYS ) Road Conditions Web Page

Kansas 866-511-5368 Road Conditions Web
Texas 800-452-9292 Road Conditions Web Page
Nebraska 800-906-9069 Road Conditions Web Page


If you live in an area that is hard to get out of if it snows then we recommend not making a reservation until you know for sure that the weather where you live will be fine during the winter months. Since we do not give refunds if the main highways are 50% open.

Upon booking we verify that we have your personal Credit/Debit Card information. Your card will be charged a deposit of one night rental (with taxes ) at the time the reservation is made. If you do cancel before the 2 week OR 4 week for groups cancellation time, $50 is the Cancellation Fee and is non-refundable.

If you cancel or reschedule less than two weeks or four weeks (for Group bookings ) out for ANY REASON, we will do our best to re-book your room.
If we are unable to re-book your room, you lose your entire deposit.
If we are successful in re-booking all of your nights we will refund your room deposit minus a $50.00 booking cancellation fee.

So the sooner you let us know you have to cancel, the better chance we have to re-book your room and refund some of your money. 

If you book less than two weeks prior to your stay, you have 2 hours to cancel from the time of your reservation. After the 2 hours our normal less than two weeks policy listed above applies to your stay.

We know sometimes things come up at the last minute preventing you from coming. Please understand that once we have reserved a room for you, we take it off the market and refuse all others requests. Since we rent our accommodations by advance reservations they are extremely difficult to re-book on short notice. Our policy is intended to be fair to our guests, yet prevent the loss of income to our business.
So you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Upon check in you can pay with YOUR Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Cash. We do not accept American Express or checks. To reserve you will need a Credit or Debit card that is in your name.

You will pay the balance due for your stay upon check in or if it is an Express CheckIn the morning of your arrival.
If you are arriving after 6PM it will be a Express CheckIn since the office is closed after 6PM.


Our rates listed on the website are cheaper then if you book over the phone with us. Rates vary depending on time of year, weekday to weekends, how many nights you are staying etc.

There maybe holidays/festivals throughout the season dates listed below, but the availability calendar will always reflect what the actual rate will be.
If you are on a budget the season breakdown below will give you a general idea of when it may be less expensive to come.

Low Season 01/01 through 3/10

Middle Season 3/28 through 5/12 & 8/8 through 9/16 & 11/16 through 12/31

High Season 3/11 through 3/27 & 05/14 through 8/8 & 9/17 through 11/15

Our suggestion is to book at least 6 weeks in advance, that way you have a much better chance to get the cottage that you want.

You can either reserve on line or give us a call at 479/253-9493 between the hours of 9AM to 7PM seven days a week.

You can check availability yourself. Click on the "Reserve" Button and enter your dates, it will show you if we have anything open and the rates.

Since we are out of the office sometimes, we highly recommend making your reservations online.


We guarantee check in by 4PM. Check Out is at 10AM.

All our accommodations are non-smoking (this also includes electronic cigarettes also know as E cigs ) . If you are a smoker you can smoke out on your porch or deck.

Due to insurance constraints we are a adult only (18+ ) resort. All of our accommodations only sleep up to two adults.


There is always a 2 night minimum (Unless just one night is open due to other bookings ) . Most weekends require a 3 night minimum. For some rooms such as the Hobbit Caves, Enchanted Forest Caverns, Kauai Grotto and Castles, every weekend throughout the year is considered high season, requiring a 3 night stay if you are including a Saturday night. We do get some Friday and Saturday night only open, but we contact our wait list first before opening up the room on line. We have lots of Thursday/Friday stays open throughout the year and we do also get several Saturday/Sunday night stays throughout the year. Since we are a small mom and pop operation we don't have the staff to even clean half of the rooms on any given day (we wish that wasn't the case, but great workers are hard to find ) . This is the reason for the minimum nights as well as certain days where we can not have arrivals or departures because we are at our maximum of cleaning for the day. So if you are wanting to come around a popular time frame where everyone else is wanting to come for the same dates, try changing your dates slightly either coming a day earlier or leaving a day after the event and you might find that we have a room open for those dates. Also to point out 3 night stays are discounted (to help with our lack of man power issues ) , so sometimes especially like low and mid season it might be the same or almost the same price to stay 3 nights compare to the price for a Friday and Saturday night stay only.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, it is a 3 night minimum.

If you are interested in staying only two nights, just email us and we will add you to a list and if we get the two nights you are looking for open, we will notify you of the two day opening. However there are times, due to guest scheduling we might have just a one or two night open and the availability calendar will reflect that. Before we open up a two night stay to the general public we always check our waiting list first. For weekends we do get alot of Thursday/Friday two night stays and Saturday/Sunday two night stays open, but you need to get on the list to take advantage before we open it to the general public.

Eureka Springs is a relaxed and casual destination. You are welcome everywhere in Eureka Springs in jeans/shorts and tennis shoes!

Eureka Springs Treehouses does have a asphalt driveway and parking spaces. If you are planning to bring a trailer, we only have a few extra spaces so you must double check that we can accommodate your trailer, prior to arriving and finding no place to park.

Due to Fire Safety Laws, wax clean up and damage that the wax clean up causes, the only candles that are allowed are jar candles.
Jar Candles must be at least 3" in diameter and 3" tall. Tea Light Candles & Incense Sticks are not allowed.

None of our units have barbecues and we are in the city limit so no barbecuing is allowed due to the Fire Code in the city of Eureka Springs and our insurance constraints. In the city of Eureka Springs there is a fine up to $1,000 for use of a barbecue on the decks per the Eureka Springs fire code. None of our units have stoves or cook tops due to insurance constraints.


All our accommodations have a Refrigerator & Coffeemaker with coffee and all have a Microwave. All have their OWN bathroom and linens. All units at Eureka Springs Treehouses have a Jacuzzi and a separate bathroom with a stall shower. All have Cable TV and DVD.

We offer Free WIFI in all the Treehouses.

We do not have in room phones.


Sorry, but, for the privacy of our registered guests, we do not give tours. In regard to the Eureka Springs Treehouses, Hobbit Caves & Castles they are in a private gated location so tours are not available. We have tried to get pictures and videos on the web site so you can view all we have to offer for lodging and wedding options.

Unfortunately, when we built the Tree Houses we needed more parking so we lost our doggie play area. We are sorry to say that we can no longer accept pets.

HANDICAP ROOMS: We do not have any handicap rooms at this location. However we do have a fully handicap room (that has a full roll in shower ) at our Hogsveil Cottage location right next door called the Ultimate Mystic Cottage. That website is

All accommodations are for registered guest use only. Due to insurance reasons visitors must check in at office prior to going to any registered guest room. Parties, receptions or gatherings are not permitted.

Eureka Springs is located in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA ) out of Bentonville is about an hour drive. Closest Regional airports are in Berryville about a 20 minute drive and Drake Field in Fayetteville which is about an hour drive.

The easiest and probably the fastest way to get a question answered is to just hit the "Contact" button at the top right side of this page, that way you can be assured that when we answer your question we will be sitting in front of the computer.
The majority of our reservations/questions are input thru our website, which means those will get processed first. There have been many times that a guest loses out on their favorite pick by just waiting until the AM to call, only to find out it got booked during the middle of the night. We are just a small organization and do our best to meet each guests needs. During the day if we are inputing a reservation from our website, the phone will go to voice mail as we want to make sure that we are fulfilling that guests needs also.
If you are ready to book and still have a question about a package or whatever, you can go ahead and book online and then in the comment field ask your question, at least that way you'll be inline for the accommodation that you are wanting.
If you don't feel comfortable booking online you are more than welcome to call during the hours of 9AM to 7PM 479/253-9493.


Listed below are estimated travel times, your time will of course depend on your route.
Bentonville/Rogers, AR - 1 Hour
Conway, AR - 3 ½ Hours
Fayetteville, AR - 1 Hour
Fort Smith - 2 Hours
Harrison, AR - 1 Hour
Jonesboro, AR - 5 Hours
Little Rock, AR - 4 Hours
Texarkana, AR - 6 Hours

Kansas City, KS - 5 Hours
Topeka, KS - 6 Hours
Wichita, KS - 6 Hours


Shreveport, LA - 7 hours

Branson, MO - 1 Hour
Joplin, MO - 2 Hours
Kansas City, MO - 5 Hours
Springfield, MO - 2 Hours
St. Louis, MO - 5 ½ Hours

Oklahoma City, OK - 5 Hours
Tulsa, OK - 3 Hours

Memphis, TN - 6 Hours

Dallas, TX - 7 Hours
Houston, TX - 11 Hours

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