Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves

How the Hobbit Caves came to be…

On one of our walking tours through Ireland, we got caught in a HEAVY rain storm which lasted a solid 2 hours! Luckily we found shelter in a Cave. At first it was a little unnerving as I had only ever been in two caves, Onyx Cave here in Eureka Springs and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. One is this charming little hole in the side of a mountain and the other is a cavernous dark and scary hole in the ground! Well maybe not scary, but it was dark!

OK back to the story…
Our experience in that little cave was beyond one of the most romantic experiences of my life!
On these walks we always carried a little blanket in our backpack along with our picnic lunch.
Don laid the blanket out and to my surprise, he began gathering some sticks to make a little fire.
We were totally soaked and freezing… we cuddled around that little fire while we ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

After we had settled in, we could hear the little trickle of water, it was so soothing…
We talked and laughed initially about our predicament, and then we reminisced about when we were dating many years ago and how romantic it would of been to have found a cave to cuddle up in.

All of a sudden we realized that it was no longer raining, the sun was shining and birds were singing. It was like we had been whisked away in this land of enchantment and then suddenly we were back to the sunny skies of Ireland! We gathered our things and go outside and turn and look at our little cave… realizing now that it truly did remind us of the Hobbit holes in fairytale books that we had read as children.
So that is how The Hobbit Caves came to be!

But the good news is that you won’t need a rain storm to feel the romance of your enticing Hobbit Cave!
Step onto the meandering pathway that leads to your magical get-a-way…
Enter through a cave like entry.

As you round a corner you will be immersed in your first glimpse of the Grotto…
Which happens to be a VERY ROMANTIC Jacuzzi for Two!

Continue on through rock formations and you enter the curved cavernous cavern to your main living area.
Magically you feel transported to a mystical cavern where a forest is beckoning through a wall of windows.
Meander out the door to your private courtyard and be immersed in a wall of singing nature with scampering squirrels and maybe a visiting deer.

Ahhh… after a day of experiencing all that Eureka Springs has to offer, returning to your Hobbit to enjoy the pulsating oasis of your Shower for 2, is sure to ease the two of you back into your very own romantic cocoon.
Pour a glass of wine or what have you and meander out onto your covered private courtyard and enjoy the sounds of nature while the two of you snuggle on a bench made just for you.
As twilight falls, snuggle in your King Bed and enjoy the ambiance of the muted lighting that reflects off of your cave walls.

Intrigue and a feeling of being in your very own cocoon is what the Hobbits are sure to bring.



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