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Why a Kauai Grotto?
Geez… I’ll remember the Kauai Grotto forever. We had rented a little beach shack on a private cove in Kauai. With the rental came 2 kayaks to explore the nearby lagoons. We’d set off most evenings after dinner & paddle for an hour out and then back. But this one day we decided to get an earlier start so we packed a picnic after lunch & decided to go further down the lagoon & find someplace to have a picnic supper. We had paddled about 2 hours and noticed a dry stream bed branching off the water way, so we decided to see where it would lead us. We grabbed our pack & walked along the streambed, after a bit we could hear water off in the distance so we continued on. We rounded a corner & everything changed, we were now in what felt like a jungle… we kept walking on the streambed and it abruptly ended into the water source… a waterfall was flowing over a grotto surrounded on three sides with moss covered rocks. OMG… it was absolutely magical!
We sat on a big rock to have our picnic. As we sat there I became memorized with the rock formation, realizing that the rocks were an achromatic gray, not black and dark brown like we had seen on the rest of Kauai. (I’m fascinated with rocks… maybe in my next life I’ll be a geologist!)
Needless to say it was very romantic… I hope you enjoy your Kauai Grotto as much as we enjoyed ours… 




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