Central Park Treehouse

A few years ago while we were in New York we spent several evenings wandering thru Central Park. One evening when the sun was just setting, we stopped and got an iced cappuccino at this little outdoor Coffee Bar. All the seats were taken, so we walked a little further and found a bench that was perfectly situated as to enjoy the softly lit New York Skyline, which just seemed to pop up out of the trees from across a pond.

We’re just sitting enjoying the view, and pretty soon probably not more than 50 feet from us across the pathway a group of people start gathering. There are two elegantly dressed women walking around carrying a box and giving everyone a little box out of the big box. Everyone seems to be rather dressed up to be standing in the middle of Central Park. Well than here comes the groom in his tuxedo, we were about to witness a wedding!

Someone starts playing a flute and the bride just magically appears from around a bend by a rose garden that was maybe 100’ from where we sat. I was mesmerized. She was in a simple white, well kind of like a flowing Grecian gown. She walked right by us. I turn to where the crowd of people were and they are all holding what I had thought were little boxes but they turned out to be little lanterns that are now candle lit. They had made an aisle for her to walk down thru the grass to her waiting groom.

It was just so romantic. I don’t think Don & I talked for at least 20 minutes as we just sat there spell bound watching this romantic interlude. We couldn’t hear anything except for the flute and then when that stopped, you could just hear the crickets, it was such an unexpected treat.

So with this memory…we dedicate these two Treehouses to Central Park…
I feel so lucky that that little outdoor Coffee Bar didn’t have any remaining seats.
So at night when you turn on the twinkly tree lights and & dim the spot light on the special artwork that you can gaze at from your bed, just imagine walking thru Central Park, holding hands, cuddling and becoming one.

Oh I am such a romantic…



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