Avatar Cavern of Mystical Tree's

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Avatar Cavern of Mystical Tree's

For those of you wondering how “Avatar’s Cavern of Mystical Trees”
came to be read on…
It all started with Dawn & Ben’s trip to China. The itinerary was planned
around a visit to Zhangjiajie National Park where the movie Avatar was

They arrived late in the evening and took a taxi to what they thought would
drop them at the hotel. Instead it dropped them off in front of a little old man
holding a board. As they exited the taxi, he bowed and said something in
Chinese, then he put the board on his shoulders and reached for their two
bags and loaded one on each side of the board. He points to a steep
staircase and waves for them to follow. The steps were narrow, didn’t have
a handrail and the only light was from the full moon.

The next morning, they make their way back down the steps encountering
donkeys, that had baskets on their backs filled with rocks. Evidently the
donkeys have the “Right of Way,” as they would just head straight, refusing
to move so they had to scrunch to the side to let the donkeys pass.
That evening when they returned to the dreaded steps, the donkeys were
still going up and down.

They had dinner at their hotel and Dawn told the waiter that they wanted to
buy dinner for the donkeys. The waiter said “What?” After 5 minutes of
trying to explain to the waiter that she felt sorry for the donkeys, he finally
gave Dawn some fruit and lettuce to feed the donkeys. The next day when
they went out through the hotel courtyard, there was a donkey eating and
drinking, so evidently the waiter felt sorry for them too!
So now with the donkey problem solved, Dawn and Ben head off to
Zhangjiajie National Park. They get to the bottom of the stairs and end up
getting lost trying to find the bus that goes to the Park. They start asking
everyone they see if they can help them find the bus stop… nobody speaks

Finally, they spot a policeman, who spoke English and he offers to take
them to the park. He leads them around a corner to a Police Paddy Wagon
and he opens the back door and says, “Do you need help getting in?” They
get in and are surrounded by a wire cage with a bench on each side. The
door slams shut, and they are now wondering if he is really taking them to the park or to the police station! The van finally stops, and the back dooropens, and they are relieved to see the park entrance.

The Park is filled with “Selfie Taking” tourists! Dawn and Ben make their
way over to the glass elevators, that has a huge waiting line, but it turned
out that it was worth the wait! As they rose to the top it was hard to
phantom that what they were seeing was real, the terrain was forested with
huge spires that seemed to be reaching for the heavens. They arrive at the
top and unfortunately, it was packed with tourists and with only one narrow
trail that lead around the top, they squeezed by the “Selfie Takers” and
decided to head back down.

They arrive at the bottom and spot a narrow trail without any tourist on it!
Surprisingly, it leads them to a stream where trees hugged its banks with
caves peeking out of the dense forest and in the distance, they can see the
towering quartz/sandstone pillars. Dawn said it was like being in a fairytale!
She could just imagine it was where Neytiri and Jake declared their love for
each other in the movie. (If you’ve seen Avatar, you will know exactly what
she is talking about and if you haven’t, you should as it is the most romantic
scene of all time! )
So that is what inspired “Avatar’s Cavern of Mystical Trees.”
Our wish for you is to create your own fairytale as Neytiri and Jake did and
when you leave, you’ll carry the love that beacons inside your heart.





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