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Andrew & Dakota Meyer

Andrew and Dakota met in the 4th grade it may have been a slow and steady start but by their Sophmore year they were dating and have been inseperable ever since. They were married in September of 2023! They loved their stay and they stated that the thoughtfulness and goodies were AMAZING!!!

Griffing's Story

How did you meet?

"We met over 24 years ago and then God made our paths cross again."

Comments about your stay: 

"Santa Fe Treehouse was so magical! Our wedding was beautiful! We will be back!"

Jackson's Story

How did you meet?

 "At work: ) "

How did He/She propose?

 " We went to a place we call "our spot" and he turned on "our song" and like we have done many times before we stepped out of the truck for a slow dance together, afterwards he got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife."

Comments about your stay:

 "We loved the grounds and our stay was so peaceful. Our wedding ceremony was private and intimate just as we wanted. We would reccomend this place to everyone and we hope to return some day." - Juston & Ashton Jackson 

Sala's Story

How did you meet?

 "We met through mutal friends, we ourselves had been friends for around 4 years before professing our fondness for one another. We moved in together almost immediately and have been inseperable ever since. We now have 2 cats and a puppy and we live a life full of love."

Funny Dating Story?

"My Casey has never been the most graceful. We were going out with another couple for the fisrt time for sushi (my favorite ) . We got tot he restaurant and spotted our friends, went to greet them and before we ever got sat down Casey offers his hand to shake the mans hand and spills his glass of water in his lap. We still laugh about it, to this day!"

How did He/She propose?

" I was not expecting anything first of all. Casey's parents were in town from California for a few days so we spending all of our time with them. We had been dating/living together for quite some awhile so there was always been the comments from family or friends about when we would get married. One night we went out to our favorite sushi place with my parents and his. We ordered a ton of food were having a great time and conversation. We were missing a sushi roll we had ordered and I pointed it out a few times but noone else seemed to be bothered about it so I wasn't either. Finally, our waiter made his way to our table with our very last sushi roll. It was a desert roll with cocnut shrimp and mango, my favorite. In chocolate syrup on the plate was written "will you marry me?" There was a beautiful white gold ring with a big marquise shaped saphire that I had been eyeing a few days earlier. Casey got down on one knee beside me, not before accidentally knocking a plate around and getting the whole restaurants attention, he bagan telling me the sweetest things, I'm sure. I was so shocked I wasn't really hearing anything until he said "will you marry me?" I have never been more confident on an answer in my whole life until I said "YES!" It's a momement I will always hold onto and never forget."

Comments about your stay:

 "Our stay here has been absolutely magical! Our castle was regal, yet cozy and absoluely gorgeous. We saw so much wildlife; a bunch of birds and squirells and a whole family of deer traveling through right in front of us. Our wedding ceremony was everything I had hoped for. It was simple, had beautiful scenery and amazing people! We would love to come back for our anniversary!" 

The Anfinson's Story!

Me and my wonderful husband met on an internet dating site. Neither of us was really looking for anything serious but we fell in love anyway. He was in Missouri and I was in Oklahoma. The long distance relationship was too far and so he moved in with me. 

He purposed on Valentines Day 2007, I had to work that day and he had to work that night and our schedules overlaped and I was not going to get to see him. I had a family member in the hospital that I went to visit. When I got home Jake was there. He had cooked dinner and had candles lit. Since I was late, dinner was cold and he had burnt it and then it got microwaved. If it had been any other way it would not have been special. I loved it and will always remember it. 

We were planning on getting married on 2/29/08 but our plans got moved forward after we got a call that Jake was going to be deployed to Iraq for a year. We got married at Oak Crest Cottages on 10/09/07 in one of the treehouses. It was so awsome the pictures don't do the property justice. It was calm and relaxing. The wedding was private and sweet and the romance package was the icing on the cake. Elaine & Don were wonderful and made sure everything was perfect for us. 

Thank you so much for the memorable
time and wonderful wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Anfinson

The Bail's story!

Andrew and Cassie Bail were married on 10/5/2019.

They met on a dating site.

"We enjoyed our stay! Staff was amazing to work with. The facility is beautiful. We will be back again! Thank you so much!

The Burkemper's Story!

Thank you so much for all your help with planning our wedding...I made several calls prior to our trip and they were all answered with kindness. Once we arrived, we were treated as if you'd known us all made for a very stress-free and enjoyable day! 
Your new treehouses are beautiful, very relaxing and quiet. I would recommend your cottages to anyone planning a wedding or get-a-way!
Bless you Both,
Matt & Shannon Burkemper - Elsbury, MO

The Carter's Story!

How we met:
We met thru mutual friends on several different occasions.
Bobby chased me around the pool table asking me out over & over and we've been dating for 5 years ever since.

The Proposal:
We were sitting at home watching TV & he bent down in front of me and asked "If I were to ask you to marry me, what would you say??" He was so sweet.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
This was a very special event in our lives and I can't imagine it to have been anymore perfect. Don & Elaine were so open & friendly. The treehouse was immaculate & very cozy. 
For anyone whether it be to get married or to spend anniversary somewhere I would highly recommend the Eureka Springs Treehouses. VERY ROMANTIC setting & atmosphere.

The Carter's Story!

Hello you two! Thank YOU for making the whole weekend very special. 
Love the Treehouses, love the chapel and most of all We LOVE you two. 
Thank you again!

The Clifton's Story!

We worked together and were the very best of friends. We were both interested in each other, but never told one another. But, as time went on, it came out, and three years later we are married! When he proposed, he asked my kids to come over (which I thought nothing about). We all sat around and visited, when he got up and got his guitar and started playing. Still I thought nothing because he does it all of the time. He asked me to come sit by him and he played and sang Kenny Chesny's 'Me and You' and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Regarding our stay, we had stayed in the Treehouses a couple of years ago and LOVED it. We knew what kind of treatment we would get (nothing but First Class), so we chose Eureka Springs Treehouses for our Wedding. We had seen on the website that they have Hobbit Caves now, and decided to try a Cave instead of a Treehouse...OMG. The Caves are amazing. 

Thank you so much for making our day so special!

The Collins's Story!

Thank you so much for everything. We both had a great time! 

How we met - I was waiting tables while in college and he was one of the regulars. He asked me out and we were together since then! 

How he asked me to marry him - We went to dinner and we came home. Then he just sort of asked me. It was very sweet. 

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses - We were both very impressed! Our treehouse was so quiet and comfortable. The little surprises, the spa basket and the romance package were so beautiful and really made us feel special. Everyone we encountered was so nice and helpful! Thank you!

The Coomb's Story!

Thank you so much! It was so awesome and I can't stop smiling. 

We met at work in 2011 and bonded over our mutual love for cooking and trying new recipes. Over time we realized that our friendship had grown into a deep love for each other. On Christmas Eve 2013 sitting on the ground in front of our Christmas tree, Bill handed me a gift which was a dog calendar. I thought that was it and, although funny, I was fine with it. He told me he had one more gift and pulled a ring out of his pocket. I was shocked! Needless to say, I said YES! 

We both knew we didn't want a huge elaborate wedding and have always been fans of tree houses. I watch the show! When Bill found the site after researching we didn't question it was what we wanted. 

We stayed in the Paris theme Treehouse and had my parents and Bill's mom attend the ceremony. It was absolutely perfect, The tree house is breathtaking, the grounds around are gorgeous and so well kept. Our experience, from getting the key to walking into our room and finding it to be a fairytale of romance after our wedding, were memories we will never forget. 

Thank you so much for making our day feel the best ever. We will for sure be back and are already wanting to plan another trip. Our 1st anniversary seems so far away. 

Thank you again, 

Laura (&Bill;) Coombs

The Cotham's Story!

We met through mutal friends! They set us up and after our first date, we are inseperable!

Brandon proposed on the front steps of his parents house! We had been dating around 5 months! He proposed on Feb 27, 2011.

Comments about Oak Crest/ Eureka Springs Treehouses:
What a great experience! We love the treehouse! The romantic dinner was nice and relaxing.
Everything was perfect, especially the ceremony!! Thank you!

The Davidson's Story!

I've known Kevin for 10 years and it's been an adventerous ten years. I wouldn't change a thing. We've been through a lot to get here and I would go through all of it again if I had to get to where I am today, Mrs. Davidson!

Last Christmas Eve he gave me a present to open, It was a cd of our song, At Last. I opened it and he put it in and he asked me to dance and durning the dance he dropped down on one knee and proposed!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: 
Our wedding day here was perfect! We enjoyed our stay here. The Treehouse was awesome. And the people are great! Thanks Dawn & Gary! We will return & recommend to other friends!

The Dean's Story!

How did you meet?
I guess Wal-Mart has everything! April works for Frito Lay, and I manage a Wal-Mart in Norman. I know it sounds cliché, but I fell in love the first time I saw her walk in. 

Funny Dating Story
Our first date, I put everything on the line. I invited her to go fishing. As a striper fisher guide on Lake Texoma, its a requirement that she enjoys fishing. Plus I brought my chocolate lab, Hooper. If she can fish and is Hooper approved, that's all I need. A couple of hours into our date, I couldn't get Hooper away from her, nor could I get the fishing rod out of her hand. #BESTCATCHEVER!

How did you propose?
I took April back to my hometown on Hooper's Island, MD for her birthday. Plan was to take her to the island to see the sunrise, but during our flight the night before she became ill. Finally, around noon she was well enough to travel. I took her to a secluded point where an old tree had toppled over, but had began to re-grow where one of the branches went into the ground. April has a thing for trees, so I told her to have a seat on the fallen tree so I could take some pictures. After snapping a few pictures, I kneeled down in front of her and asked her to marry me. 

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses...
Awesome!! Staff went out of their way to make our special day memorable! We highly recommend this as an excellent choice for a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or couples retreat. Thank You!!

The Deden Story!

How did you meet?

We met at work.


Funny dating story?

We were at a family potluck. Devon's family is full of pranksters and Heath joined right in smearing pumpkin cheesecake in her hair. Devon led a small army of children chasing Heath around the whole neighborhood armed with lightsabers and cheesecake.


How did he/she propose?

Heath was planning to propose on a picnic with our kids later in the week, but he decided he couldn't wait. One morning after class he handed Devon a lunchable, a card, and a ring in the front yard. Devon was in her onesie pajamas.


Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Hogsveil Wedding etc...

The entire experience was beautiful and magical. The staff is extremely friendly. The Hobbit Cave felt like entering another world. Everything felt so secluded & comfortable. Our wedding was perfect and we loved returning to our Hobbit Cave to candles, rose petals, cake & champagne waiting for us. We're already planning to come back for our anniversary!

The Eichenauer's Story!

Mario & Robin met online. After talking on the internet for quite a while Mario decided to call. They spoke on the phone for a few weeks and then decided it was time to meet. At first sight they both liked what they saw and made plans for dinner. After dinner as Mario was opening the car door he kissed Robin and totally melted her heart. Robin knew from that one kiss that he was the one for her.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"The wedding was very sweet and intimate. It was perfect for us. The treehouses were so much more than we expected! We loved staying here! It is going to be hard to check-out."
Mario & Robin Eichenauer - Apache, OK

The Flores's Story!

How did we meet? 
We actually met on MySpace! I had just started to date again and was mainly looking for men to get to know outside my circle of friends. Johnny was fairly new to Oklahoma and we got to chatting online. It was several months before we actually met in person even though we lived about three miles from each other! I was working an event that Johnny agreed to bring the fire truck to. During that day I gave him a wild ride on our display dune buggies that had him screaming like a girl!! He was sort of in a relationship at the time so we just remained semi-internet friends. We didn't even see each other again for 8 months! When he ended that relationship he called me and came to my house to sit and talk. He didn't even kiss me until our third date!!! The rest as they say is history. I couldn't ask for a man to treat me better! Johnny is a dream come true for me!

How did he propose?
Johnny had a big party for my birthday with all the DJ equipment set up in our driveway. Half way through the party, he stopped the music, got down on one knee in front of our friends and family and proposed! Of course I said yes! We then shared a dance to "our song" - Tim McGraw's My Best Friend

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Our Wedding
If only we could have stayed there longer! We decided a month out to forgo the church wedding we had been planning to keep it simple and go to Eureka Springs. I think we looked at every cabin and tree house website there is! ES Treehouses not only looked romantic but could accommodate us on short notice for the historic 10-10-10 date for our wedding. Don and Elaine were wonderful to work with. When we checked in it was like meeting old friends again! Add to the fact Johnny shared a Cali background with them! The Ultimate Sante Fe Treehouse is indeed Ultimate! Out on the deck you feel you are the only cabin there! On arrival there were deer bedded down beside our walkway! The romance package upon our return from the carriage ride took our breath away! Can you say perfect?! We plan on making return visits and bragged about them on FaceBook our whole trip!
Sherri and Johnny Flores

The Garrity's Story!

We want to thank you for everything. We had a wonderful time. The Treehouse was beautiful and the wedding was perfect!
Thanks for making our day so special. We have told everyone what a wonderful experience we had staying at the Treehouse and getting married at your place. 
Thanks again!
Brian & Molly

The Gosch's Story!

Thank you to guys for everything!! It couldn't have been a more perfect wedding weekend for us. We will be back.

Suzanne and Steven
P.S. Loved the pictures!!

The Grizzel's Story!

"We wanted to express our deepest thanks to you guys for what will always be one of our fondest memories. Your professional attitude and personal care in making sure we were happy will not be forgotten..."
Gratefully Yours, Daniel and Amy Grizzel

The Henegan's Story!

David and I met me in November of 07 and with him being very shy, he barely said 10 words to me. At the end of January I got to sell him a computer and we started talking and within 2 weeks we were talking 3 to 5 hours every day and there has not been a day since that we have missed. Sometimes it is when you least expect it, the perfect thing happens. We are truly best friends and can't imagine a day without each other!

We can't say enough about how wonderful and relaxing our weekend was. You have a very beautiful place with plenty of peace! We definitely have been recommending you to everyone we talk to. You can bet we will be back someday!! Thanks again for making everything perfect � you guys are the sweetest!!

Rochelle Henagan

The Heuser's Story!

We met in the suburbs of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. We always hung out at a neighborhood bar. We both noticed each other for about a year, but never approached one another. Finally Beth asked a mutual friend of ours for Dan's number, and we hit it off right away.

A very recent funny story... on our drive from Hot Springs to Eureka Springs for our wedding, we got an hour and a half out of Hot Springs in Russellville, when Dan realized he forgot his bag with all of his clothes in it. We had to drive all the way back to Hot Springs where we found Dan's bag outside our house next to where we park the cars in our carport.

Dan proposed on Valentines Day 2012 in Hastings, MN. We went out to one of our favorite lookout points on a river bluff. This particular spot was special because when we first started dating, we went there and carved our names in a rock in a secluded spot, which is where Dan Proposed. It was the best surprise that I will never forget.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
Everything about our experience at the Euerka Springs Treehouses has been perfect. From the first day we arrived to our Wedding Day. We are so happy we chose to come here for our Wedding, and we plan to come back for our first Anniversary and many more!!
Thank you so much for everything!

The Hood's Story!

Thank you so much for such a lovely stay.
We enjoyed every last detail. 
Can't wait for our next visit.
Thank you,
The Hoods


The Howell's Story!

We met online and started talking. We were not really looking for much more than someone to hang out with. But we had so much in common we became inseparable.

A few months after we started dating, I was going to meet him at his house so we could go camping. I was already running late, as I had to get a headlight for my truck. I stopped at O'Reily's and the guy there took forever trying to help me change the bulb. I finally got upset about it and changed it myself! When I showed up at Chris's house and told him why I was late, he laughed and said that was why he loved me, cause I am pretty handy for a girl.

The Proposal:
He wrapped up my ring in a big box full of tissue and put it under the Christmas tree. 
When I opened it he said he figured I would need the tissues and when I opened the ring box I asked "What is this!?!?!?" He said it was what I wanted it to be!!! Obviously I said yes.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
The Wedding was beautiful. The staff, room, accommodations were amazingly wonderful!
Christopher & Dawnyel Howell - Wichita, KS

The Johnson's Story!

Christopher and Jessica Johnson were married on 10/20/2019.

They met at work. Jessica was new there and needed help and someone told her to go to Chris. "We couldn't stay away from each other after that."

For their first date they went to the movies. Before the movie they played air hockey. "I thought he would be cute and let me win...Nope."

Chris proposed at Eureka Springs Treehouses in 2018 during Jessica's birthday trip! "He surprised me this trip last year for my birthday and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife."

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/their wedding: "PERFECT."

The Johnston's Story!

Meredith & David met on a blind date, set up by a mutual friend Chad. David had acually introduced Chad to his wife. What are the odds of that...

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"Everything has been amazing here. The treehouses are beautiful, the view is breathtaking. Secluded enough to be extrememly quiet, but close to everything. Best of all our ceremony was exactly what we wanted, on the back deck "in the trees". If someone wants a stress free, perfect wedding-this is the place. Thank you so much."
Mr. & Mrs. Johnston - Niangua, MO

The Kelley's Story!

How we met..."We actually met on a little over a year ago. It's been an amazing journey through this last year."

How he proposed..."He proposed to me in Gulf Shores, Alabama on vacation. It was a beautiful night on the beach with a full moon. He got down on his knee in the sand and proposed."

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding etc..."Everything from the wedding to our stay was fantastic! The ceremony was wonderful. We loved the treehouse, so relaxing and romantic."

The Koelling's Story!

Met online 5 years ago. Rekindled 1 year ago.

Comments on Eureka Springs Treehouses: 
Amazing. Everthing was perfect. Thank you so much for making our wedding so specical!

The Mathew's Story!

We met on our first day at our new jobs at Alcoa Howmet in Wichita Falls, TX. We manufacture turbines for airplane engines together. I asked Brian if he would like to go to a club and hang out with my friends and enjoy some Red Dirt music. He agreed and we hung out more and more. Each time he would sneak a kiss on my cheek. One night we stayed out at a different club until the bar shut down, having danced all night we decided to go to IHOP for some breakfast and talk. We chatted until the sun came up and decided to go for a walk near a local lake. We shared our first kiss on a bridge by the lake and started our relationship from there.
We've only been together for 2 years and have already endured a house fire, miscarriage and Brian found out he had cancer. Brian had to suffer 3 surgeries, 4 months of chemo therapy and countless lab work but his markers are steady and the doctors are confident that he is in remission. After seeing him be there for me and seeing how much I was there for him, we decided after all we have been through there couldn't be much more life could throw at us. For my birthday he took me down to Kay's Jewelers to pick out our rings. So we picked out our rings, set a date and began planning the rest of our lives.
Thank you for welcoming us to your facility and helping us have such a wonderful wedding/honeymoon. We will cherish our memories you helped us build forever.
God Bless!
Staci and Brian Mathews

The Mayfield's Story!

Kyle and Samantha met when she was 15 and he was 17. Their city had a town square, where everyone used to hang out. She was hanging out with her friends, when he came out of nowhere, and was hit by a truck, driven by a mutual friend. The main thing-he was okay. But Samantha went to check on him and the rest was history.

"We'd been together for 8 years at the time he proposed. We had talked about getting married, but had never officially got engaged. We made a trip to the mall, where I had asked him if and when we could go ring shopping. He made a joke about buying me a plastic ring from one of the machines out front. Needless to say, my feelings were a little hurt. When we got home, I was noticiably upset and he asked what was wrong. I said, as I was crying,'I wanted a real ring, note a fake one.' He pulled my engagement ring out, and said, 'Will this one work?' We still joke about it."

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/ Wedding/Ect:

"Only one word: Amazing! Our room, the staff, everything was beyond perfect. Thank you for making our day special. We will recommend Eureka Treehouses to anyone, and we will defenitely be back!"

Kyle and Samantha Mayfield, 9/7/2018

The Mense's Story!

It was more then I could of asked for. It was so beautiful there. The night of our wedding when we came back, it was so amazing. I am so happy we picked there. The tree house was beautiful. I did not wanna leave. We will be back for our one year anniversary. Again thank you so much.

The Miller's Story!

Byron and Meghan met in 8th grade when they were 13 years old! A mutual friend, David Joyner, made them stand beside one another during a fire drill. They had seen one another around school, had a few classes together, and even ate lunch together. Yet they had never really spoken. The fire drill was their chance to truly get to know one another!


Byron warns that one of their Funny Dating Stories comes with a "GROSS WARNING." They decided to have a donut breakfast date one morning. They drove down the road to their local shop and bought their share of "fried goodness." At some poing they were teasing one another and Byron teased Meghan that if she wasn't nice he'd ruin their date by farting. Meghan dared him by saying, "You wouldn't!" Accepting the challenge but still trying to be playful, Byron let out a little toot. Only the chairs were designed in such a way as to tremendously amplify the flatulence! it cleared the shop, but didn't ruin their date.


Byron proposed in a super cute way. Meghan was in the kitchen making lunch before work and heard their youngest daughter and Byron whispering. She turned around to walk out of the kitchen and Harmony Raigne had a ring out and asked, "Will you marry Daddy?" Meghan said yes and put the ring on. She was very happy to be a big part in their journey together.


Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Their Wedding: "We liked that the ceremony was short. We liked spending lots of time taking all of the pictures we wanted. We loved the room. We plan on coming back and staying in all the other places here."

The O'Brien's Story!

We met at a restaurant while waiting for our tables. The waiting area was crowded and she accidentally stepped on my foot. We talked a bit, then each went to our separate tables. I kept thinking I was a fool to not at least ask such a beautiful girl for a date, so I walked over, asked and that's where it all started.

After only dating a few weeks, I somehow managed to get food poisioning. We had a date for that weekend and I was so excited to see her that I told her I was feeling fine. Well, my stomach didn't agree. It kept making the loudest noises... really embarassing. I just pretended like it wasn't happening, and to her credit she did as well. That's when I knew she was a keeper.

When it came time to propose, I bought her a ring, pulled it out of my pocket, and she said "Yes".

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
There are no words to describe the peace and happiness we found here. The area is breathtaking, the treehouses are beautiful. It's so quiet. There is no detail forgotten here. Everything was perfect. The owners are simply some of the most wonderful people we've met. 
This is where we were meant to be married.
Chase & Laure O'Brien - Marshall, TX

The Park's Story!

We meet at work. Every day/date is the best ever. I could not ask for better! 

He proposed when he came home early in the morning and woke me up.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses - Love it! 

The Park's Story!

Madonna came home from work two days before her birthday. She walked in and went in the kitchen. She turned around and Eric had 4 or 5 boxes beautifully decorated completely covering the table. He let her open presents early and in a certain order. Finally the last present was a travel bag. She took out alot of gifts he had put in and finally at the very bottom the ring box was there and he asked. It was perfect.

Comments about Eureka Spings Treehouses:
We can't say in words how perfect the treehouses and wedding were. We booked an extra night just to experience a second treehouse!
Thank you so much!
The Parks - Mustang, OK

The Petersen's Story!

Our story: We were introduced by the brides brother at a cookout at one evening at his home. 
Funny Dating Story: After our first date, Matt never was so comfortable, I think we both "knew" -- though not admittedly we would be together forever.
Proposal: We drove deep into the country back roads where we had our first serious conversation about where the relationship was going.....and he proposed. 

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Thank you both SOOOOOOOO much for the beautiful weekend! It surpassed all of our expectations BY FAR!! You definitely have a hidden treasure in those treehouses, they were magnificent--secluded, romantic, rustic, with elegant charm......we could go on and on!! We would not change one thing about the entire weekend from the accommodations to the ceremony, you made it so laid back and fun! And what a surprise to find a copy of our vows in with our wedding license from the courthouse! Our carriage ride and romantic dinner topped it all off......WOW!! 
Thanks again!!" 
Matt and Angi Petersen

The Reed's Story!

How Dylan and Sky met: "Through my sister's husband. She started talking to the guy that's now her husband on an online dating site. He told her that he had a friend, so I got on Facebook to look at his profile and message him. They both came to meet us."


How Dylan proposed: "We just bought our house and we were having our house warming party."


Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Their Wedding: "I'm so glad that we chose this place. I couldn't be any happier. Everything was set up so nicely and I loved the whole wedding package. I also want to thank whoever set up the romance package. We will definitely be coming back to stay!"

The Rodriguez's Story!

Thank you so much for this weekend, it was more perfect than we could have ever imagined. It is an honor to have our picture on your webpage, we are highly recommending you to everybody... Thanks again for making everything perfect for us, I'm sure we will see you again.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez

The Russell's Story!

We met when I went to buy a car. Jeff was my salesman. It was love at first sight!

How did he propose: We went to Las Vegas. We were having dinner at the Eiffel Tower. He started playing "I Think I Wanna Marry You" by Bruno Mars. And then he asked me to marry him.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: The treehouse was amazing and the perfect getaway. The wedding was perfect and everything we imagined. We love it here and will definitely come back!

The Simond's Story!

Nathan and I met two years ago online. Nathan contacted me two weeks prior to us meeting and I wasn't sure that I wanted to meet. One day I was thinking about him and decided to actually contact him back. We talked on the phone for a few days and decided to meet at the Riverwalk in Jenks, OK @ 5:30 on the 29th of September 2006. We met and we were there for five hours and didn't want to leave each other. We went home and talked on the phone for another 2 hours. Neither one of us got alot of sleep the week before our first date. We were inseparable after that! We fell in love with each other that weekend. 

After being together for a year (9/29/07) Nathan and I decided that we were ready to get engaged and went to pick out a ring. He purposed to me that evening after having a great dinner. We talked then about when we were going to get married. It was important to me to get married on the date that we met. We were married on Sept 29, 2008 @ 5:30 to make it perfect.

To Don and Elaine: The Treehouses were the best. You don't even know that they are there which makes it very quiet and intimate. There is not enough words that I could say about the wedding. You made it very special to us and we will never forget it. Thank you Don, for being there and marrying us and Elaine, for taking the pictures and making the room romantic when we got back. It was GREAT! Thank you for a wonderful wedding.
Gina and Nathan Simonds

The Smart's Story!

How we met....We met about 7 years ago through a mutual friend but lost contact for a couple of years. When we finally found each other again, we were inseparable! We have been together for about 4 years and have never looked back in knowing we were meant to be together forever. After dating awhile, we found out that our paths have crossed many times throughout our entire lives; even living on the same street as kids, but never met until later in life. It really was a force of nature pulling us together!
How he proposed...When he asked me to marry him, we had initially planned on waiting a couple of years, having a large wedding with everyone we know...and then we realized that we'd rather go away, find the most quaint place on earth and just do it because we just couldn't wait that long. When I started looking on line for places, I happened upon the Eureka Springs Treehouses and didn't have to look any further. I knew immediately that this was the place for us and I couldn't have possibly imagined it being as wonderful as it was. The accommodations were immaculate, the views are gorgeous, the owners are beyond sweet and made us feel as if we'd been coming there all our lives. We just got married on October 22, 2013 and by October 23, 2013 we were already planning on coming back for our anniversary! I would recommend this amazing place to anyone, hands down.
Thank you so much to Don for a lovely ceremony and to Candice for the beautiful pictures. We will cherish this for the rest of our lives!

The Stacy's Story!

Dylan and I attended high school together and crushed on one another throughout the years. On Thanksgiving break, Dylan came back to visit family and we started talking. One night he took me for a ride on his motorcycle to get ice cream and we started dating shortly after. 
We've been together ever since and couldn't be happier.

One time for a fun weekend getaway, Dylan and I went to Branson, Mo to watch the Dixie Stampede. We happened to be one of the lucky couples to get chosen to barrell race horses against the opposing side. Little did we both know that we would be riding stick horses, not real ones... double. It was pretty comical watching us try to run with one another while straddling a stickhorse.

Dylan's Proposal! We have had a puppy pretty much since we started seriously dating. Dylan put my engagement ring on her collar and sent her into the room to run and play with me. While playing/petting her, I saw the ring. Dylan took it off and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We couldn't pick a more perfect place to have our special day! Don and Elaine were amazing and so sweet. They both went out of their way to truly make this day special. The place is absolutely gorgeous and the wildlife is amazing. We also loved our treehouse! It was immaculate and the perfect setting for our wedding night! ...Thank you for all you've done! We will definitely be returning and recommending your wonderful place!!
Dylan and Brittany Stacy

The Starkey's Story

Randy and Shelby met on a dating website, they were perfectly matched online and in real life!

Randy proposed in front of their favorite restaurant, but he was so nervous he dropped the ring and forgot what to say!! But when he did, she said YES!!!!

They thought their wedding ceremony here was beautful and perfectly sweet!   

The Trevino's Story!

We met in high school and had a crush on each other but neither of us ever said a word about it to the other. In 2012 we reconnected on Facebook. After talking for a few months we decided to get together and hang out. We didn't know what to expect after all of these years. Ricky said it was just like yesterday after all these years and I could only agree. The first time we saw each other in the parking lot the same feelings reoccurred just like when we were in high school. As soon as we touched it just felt "meant to be". We knew we had finally found our soul mate. We haven't been apart since then.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
Our experience was breathtaking...we were overwhelmed. There really aren't words to describe it just have to experience it for yourself. Maybe you just have to be with the right person...but it was PERFECT!!

The Turner's Story!

How we met...
I was with a few friends at a music festival and our mutual friend Cyndi said she had someone she wanted me to meet named Bill. So I told her to invite him down and she did. Bill ended up spending the entire weekend with us at the music festival. We hit it off right away. After exchanging numbers we began hanging out as friends. Over a few months we realized we both really cared about each other and wanted to start a relationship and see where it would go. Now here we are almost 8 1/2 years later!

How he proposed...
After I had come home from a 3 month travel assignment and not seeing each other, Bill had the house lit with candles, a fire going and one of my favorite dinners on the stove. After dinner we sat in front of the fire drinking wine. I went to the kitchen to get more wine and when I returned Bill was on one knee with the ring in hand and asked me to be his wife.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding, etc...
Bill and I would like to thank all of you but especially to Don and George. We had a very memorable time there. We felt very special and our day was beautiful. The way the room was decorated after the wedding, the music, the cake were all so awesome. We loved the banner over the jacuzzi. We will bring it out every year for our anniversary. The cake was so good as well as the champagne. Our room was very clean and comfortable. It was great how fast the water gets hot, the bed was extremely comfortable and very private. We will be recommending your place to others and we will be back.

Thank you again,

The Wilson's Story!

How did we meet?
Tony and I met at church. He and I had seen each other around and said hello. One day he gathered up the courage to leave his number on the back of a Popeye's coupon, lol! At first I thought it was a cruel joke, having my crush leave me his number.

Our Surprise Get Away/Wedding Story!
When we first started discussing when and where to get married, Tony suggested Texas. He secretly planned everything, just asked me a date and told me take off work. During our long drive to "Texas", I really thought he was lost or took a short cut gone wrong. I decided to take a nap to ease my mind, when I opened my eyes, I realized we were in Arkansas. I didn't know what to think. Then, we pulled up to the most amazing Treehouse Castle, and I was so amazed. 

How did he propose?
Tony took me to downtown Oklahoma City, got us a Cinderella style-covered in Christmas lights horse drawn carriage. We took a ride around downtown, he began to tell me how special I am to him, and asked me then to marry him!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses...
This place exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a wonderful, absolutely amazing experience. So many beautiful memories made thanks to you all! Great job, keep up the fantastic work! 
Loved our King/Queen themed Castle. Tony and I call each other my Queen/my King and have the crown tattoos. Oh...and the secret bookcase, Awesome!

The Zeigler's Story!

Mike drove for a trucking company who makes drop shipments to Lola's trucking company. She was in the only center who would accept delivery. She had no fear in signing off on his paperwork. One day, when he didn't show up, she called his company to make sure he was okay. He was-a few months later they began seeing each years they are!

Their first Thanksgiving together, they went primitive hiking in the Cranberry Wilderness in West Virginia. They got to the mountain and set up camp near the Cranberry River. It was 2AM with a slight drizzle. They went to sleep that night planning the following days activities. Around 8 the next morning they woke up to 9" of snow all around! Amazingly beautiful.

When it came time to propose, they went to North Carolina to visit Mike's kids & grandson. After spending a few days in Chapel Hill they went to the outer banks. Mike propsed to Lola under a full moon in a lifeguard's tower.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"The treehouses are absolutely wonderful! Private & spacious! Everything was great! Thank-you"
Mike & Lola Zeigler - Stilesville, IN

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