Wedding Stories - Spring

This is the content for the wedding stories of the spring.

The Akers Story!
How Did We Meet?

We met at work.

Funny Dating Story?

We went antiquing and purchased 41 varieties of seeds for our garden. She was like a kid in a candy store as she packed the seeds in each packet.

How Did He/She Propose?

He was holding me gently and says "I want to make you my wife" this was the best Christmas season.

Comments About Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouse/Your Wedding etc:

This was the best option for our wedding. The venue is beautiful. Our minister had so much in common with us. It was God sent blessing.
The Averyt's Story!
Jeromy had huge plans for his proposal! My company was having a Christmas party and Diamon Rio was going to be singing. My mom & him had asked that he be allowed to propose in front of everyone! It turned out that they would not allow this to happen, so he went with plan B.

He had my ring hidden for almost 2 months waiting for the perfect opportunity. At our annual family trip, he had the ring hidden in his coat pocket. At my request, my mom snapped a picture of us in front of the Christmas tree.

Unknown to me, Jeromy had slipped the ring out of his pocket and had it in his hand. I said, “Oh one more picture, just in case it wasn't good". Jeromy said ok but it would be better like this, he got on one knee & asked me to be his wife. My mom already had the camera, so we had our special moment captured. It was the best Christmas surprise ever!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We were absolutely blown away! Our stay was absolutely perfect & magical. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded.
The treehouse was our own private sanctuary, but yet so close to everything. Don & Elaine's attention to detail & kindness made our Elopement/Wedding Day stress free & perfect! We highly recommend the Ultimate Wedding Package.
Thank you Don & Elaine
Mr. & Mrs. Averyt
The Ayers' Story!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:

I just want you to know that we would recommend your facility to anyone that asks. It was everything we hoped it would be. The chapel was beautiful, the hobbit cave was clean and adorable, our cake was delicious, and your staff was professional and kind. The ceremony was perfect.  We enjoyed our stay. We especially enjoyed the wildlife that came to visit us on the back porch of our hobbit cave. We had turtles, chipmunks, lizards, and a squirrel! Thank you so much for all of your help.

The Berning's Story!
Thank you both so much for making our trip WONDERFUL! We could not have asked for two better people to marry us. You guys were great and really made us feel like you cared so much about what you were doing. You made us feel so comfortable and happy. We were both very nervous somebody was going to marry us who could have cared less about us or what they were doing. You guys were just the opposite and made are special day extra special and we will remember you FOREVER. We could not say THANK YOU enough. We well definitely stay with you again when we return."
The Bowerman's Story!
We have been together for 6 years and finally decided to tie the knot. We wanted something private and romantic and Eureka Springs Treehouses was perfect. They are secluded & perfectly romantic.
We definitely will be back. Plus Don & Elaine made you feel just like family. They were awesome & so sweet."
Holly & Brandon Bowerman - North Little Rock, AR

The Carpenter's Story!
Eric and I both work a lot. Both of our families signed us up for on-line dating. I was about to give up but decided I would go out with Eric if it didn't work I was closing my account. I am so glad I did because we hit it off from the start. He proposed to me on Christmas night. He tied the rings around his dogs' necks. (They are his babies.) I was sitting on the couch. The dogs came in with him, he got down on one knee and asked me.
I have waited so long for a man to love me for me. When he looks at me I truly feel that he does. Thank you again for making my day so very special!

And we just wanted to say how impressed we were with everything. You went to great lengths on details from the decor of the Castle Treehouse, the quality of the cake, very special wedding day. It was a wonderful experience. We cannot wait to plan anniversary getaways!
The Carter's Story!
We actually met in 2002 at the restaurant where I worked and remained friends until we met up again in 2011. In October 2011, we began dating. We always liked each other but he is 7 years younger than me so I guess I always thought he was too young for me. So after a year and a half of dating we are now happily married.

We had only been dating a very short time and decided to go away for the weekend. The first night Kevin had caught the stomach virus and was so very sick. Well the next day he was feeling much better so we went to an outlet mall to shop. As the day went on, I began feeling sick. By dinner time, I didnt even want to eat. I asked him if we could go back to the hotel and I spent most of the night in the bathroom. Not really what a girl wants a guy she is newly dating to see or hear her doing.

His first proposal occured after an argument. We had been arguing on the phone and I gave up and hung up the phone. A few minutes went by and I heard a knock at the door, it was Kevin. When I opened the door he got down on one knee, took my hand and asked if I would marry him. A few weeks later we went to Oklahoma City for my doctors appointment and he suggested we go ring shopping so we found the perfect diamond and the rest is history.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your wedding etc...We have absolutely loved our time here! The weather was unseasonably cooler and snowing but it just made the pictures more beautiful! We stayed in the Paris Treehouse, it was beautiful and so perfect! Thank you all so much for making our wedding and honeymoon so perfect!
The Cestero Story!
How Did We Meet?
I moved and was new in town. I was staying at the hotel he worked at. We ended up hitting it off and he gave me his card with his personal number on it and wrote if I needed any help being new in town he would help me out. We went on one date and have been inseparable ever since.

Funny Dating Story:
In the beginning we both surprised each other with Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream, Ben and Jerry's ice cream on the same day.

Comments about Eureka. Springs Treehouses:
Beautiful property, we loved the Enchanted Cavern. We can't think of a place more perfect for us to get married. Everyone has been so kind and truly made the experience memorable. Thank you for what you do! You do it so well!! We'll definitely be back!
The Cook's Story!
We are not quite sure how we meet. We had an mutual friends and somehow met. We gradually became best friends. The rest is history.

We had dicussed marriage for a few months before he popped the questions. He always asked me how I felt about the proposal. All I ever said was, "I wanted to be surprised, and I want my family to be a part of it". Alecs proposed on December 12th, our anniversary of a year, at my grandparents house. It shocked me. Needless to say, he surprised me.

Photos online usually make you think its going to be great, but its never as good as the photos. The Venice Treehouse was amazing! IT WAS WAY BETTER THAN THE PHOTOS. We were shocked by the privacy and intimacy. The treehouse was so clean & beautiful. Thank You! The wedding was so seamless. We had no worries. We did not feel rushed. Thank you for helping out with the "photo shoot"! You were more than patient. You were willing to stay as long as we wanted for pictures and thought you were bothering us by taking too many pictures of us. For anyone who might read this online, we are more than pleased with our stay and will be back to visit in the near future.

The Crumbaugh's Story!

Thank you so much! We had the best time ever...everything was absolutely perfect! We plan on going back for our anniversary. Thanks again and oh...I wanted to let you know that the pictures you took were absolutely amazing...thank you so much for making our day so special!

The Danbury's Story!
We had such a wonderful weekend. Thanks for making our special day so special. We can't wait to make yearly anniversary trips back to Eureka and back to your Treehouses. Every single part of the stay was amazing and made us feel special. I'm excited that our picture is part of your website, we have been so excited to tell all of our family and friends about our stay/wedding with you guys.

Our Story: Michael and I met through a mutual friend/family member. She just knew that we were made for one another. Our first date was a motorcycle ride on a beautiful day in May 2012. It didn't take us long to realize that we were falling heads over heels in love with one another. In September 2013 we found out that we were expecting a baby in May 2014 and decided that we wanted to be married before our little princess was set to arrive. We knew that we wanted a simple, relaxing wedding experience and found Oak Crest Treehouses online. We are so HAPPY that we chose to have our wedding there. It was the most amazing, relaxing weekend. The hospitality we received from the moment we arrived was amazing. Our wedding at the new Waterfall Chapel was simple and intimate. And all of the personal touches made it a weekend we will always remember. We plan on making many anniversary trips to Oak Crest Treehouses in the future!! Thanks for everything.
The Davis's Story!
Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We had an AMAZING time during our stay at the Santa Fe Treehouse. The staff are very friendly and unobtrusive. You never see them yet the room is so neat & nice. Our wedding was simple and beautiful; it was perfect. The romance surprise was wonderful with perfect touches. Thank you so much for making my wedding & honeymoon something I will always remember very fondly! We have already decided we will be back; we are going to try and make it a yearly thing for our anniversary. We wouldn't stay anywhere else but here. Thank you so much Ron & Tammy!

Shannon & Jesse Davis
The Edwards's Story!
Kylie & Matt were childhood sweethearts who reunited....

"This was a wonderful experience for us both. It was perfect. We were looking for a quite, stress free, romantic get away. We couldn't have planned it better. The cottages were absolutely beautiful. No better place to spend our first days as a married couple. The wedding was short and sweet, it focued on us and our love. We wanted all the specialness and meaning without the stress. That is exactly what we got here in Euerka. We plan to be back to celebrate anniversaires. Thank you so much for the many memories". Kylie & Matt Edwards
The Frederick's Story!
We meet each other from our sons playing soccer together a few years ago. We didn't speak again until, one day we ran into each other on a dating site. Once we realized that we knew each other, we exchanged numbers. Within a week, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! We basically skipped the whole dating part, but we wouldn't change a thing. When you know, you know!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We had a wonderful experience here at Eureka Springs Treehouses. We loved our treehouse that we stayed in. We had a beautiful wedding! Thank you so much for making it special for us.

The Fredericks
The Garner's Story!
William was Michelle's exterminator at a house that she was renting. "We had our eyes set one another ever since," said Michelle.
When asked about a funny dating story, Michelle said, "We really didn't have a particular funny story. I mean, we made each other laugh all of the time, but nothing out of the ordinary, other than we tried to tick each other off, so that we could see what one would do or react and we couldn't."

William proposed by taking Michelle ice skating in Tulsa and he had a whole night planned. "We got to a tree with benches around it and he asked me without hesitation and before looking down at the ring, I said 'yes.' But then once I saw the ring, I started crying, because of how beautiful and big it was!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages and their wedding: "You guys did a great job! I was impressed with all that was included in our package."
The Glasgow's Story!
Judy and I met through a mutual friend who is also our hair person. Judy lived in the Dallas, Texas, area and was divorced after thirty something years of marriage and contemplating moving back to Ada, Oklahoma, where we now live and where she grew up and has family. We met for drinks and I felt she was the most elegant and exciting lady I had ever met. It was a whirlwind romance! After dating for six months, Judy did move to Ada and purchased a home. She still owns her boat business in Dallas and is able to supervise its operation on a regular basis via telephone from Ada-we are 120 miles north of Dallas.
After dating one year at Christmas, I proposed and her first statement was "Bob, where are we going to put your clothes?". We have many common interests from OU football games, training at the fitness center, long leisurely conversations, church and traveling. We look forward to a many happy years together. Thanks for making our initial memories very enjoyable!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"Thank you, Dawn. We really enjoyed our stay! Count on us to tell people about our positive experience. I am an insurance agent and believe me, positive word of mouth is the "best" form of advertising."
Bob and Judy Glasgow

The Glodo's Story!
How did he propose? "We both are huge basketball fanatics, so naturally when we went to go to an OKC Thunder game, I just thought it was to watch the game. Dallas was acting weird, but I wasn't sure why. Well, half-time came and Dallas asked me to marry him in front of everyone! (Very unlike Dallas). I, of course, said "yes," and he said, 'Man, I'm so glad you said yes!'"

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: "Our experience was amazing! Every little detail was perfect! The little keepsakes and basket were so sweet and meant the world to us. We wanted an intimate wedding with a big wedding feel and we definitely got it! Thank you so much!"
The Harleman's Story!

Thank you!  We loved our time at the Treehouses.  We decided that we would not have changed a thing about our wedding.  It was perfect!  Our pictures are wonderful.  We'll be back for our 1st anniversary.  See you then!

The Herrmann's Story!
My sister and brother in law invited me over to hangout for the night and Cole happened to be one of my brother in laws friends and came to hangout in the same night. You could definately say it was sort of set up! (That we didn't know about). Well we didn't hit it off at first, but it didn't take long at all fro us to know we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

First date cole decided he wanted to take me half way across the state for our first date! I hesitated but finally agreed, well we didn't say but maybe 2 words the whole drive! When we got there he took me ontop of a mountain and kissed me, then we left. (You could say he was nervous). We decided we were hungry, drove around for awhile. Le me remind you, we are from the country and we accidentally picked the fanciest place to eat!!! (dressed in shorts and t-shirts). Definatley a disaster, but something we laugh about now!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: Wonderful stress free experience! Exactly what we were looking for! Everything was perfect!
The Hitchcock's Story!
"Thanks so much... Everything was perfect and beautiful. The wedding went smoothly and was very enjoyable. The time that you spent putting the little special things together made the trip so worth while. Brian and I are both so happy that we decided to exchange vows at Eureka Springs Treehouses. We could not have expected anything more. Thanks so much!!!"
Brandy and Brian Hitchcock
Woodward, Oklahoma

The Honerkamp's Story!
Jason and Kary's "How-We-Met-Story":
"Even though we knew each other since high school, even graduated in the same class and our year book pictures were side by side, we barely spoke. Two ex-husbands and an ex-wife later, I posted on Facebook after a long, long shift asking if anyone wanted to get a drink with me. Jason was the only one who responded yes! However, one of my children was sick, so we got together a couple of weeks later."

Jason and Kary's "Funny Dating Story": We don't just have one funny story. We met when our children were little. So, whether it was going to a St. Louis Cardinal Game or going to a state park, the kids made it memorable for us. We make each other laugh almost every day. We cherish our time together every day. Life is too short not to be happy."

How Jason Proposed: "We were on a family Christmas vacation at Disney World when he proposed. Jason insisted that we take a family photo in front of Cinderella's Castle. I was trying to maintain our schedules of what ride we were going on and steering towards what the kids wanted to do. It was our turn to take our "family photo," I was telling the kids where to stand, Jason dropped down to one knee and proposed to me. And yes, the special moment was captured by the awesome Disney photography staff."

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses/Their Stay: "...was fantastic. Thanks for the close parking, the map, and the great Treehouse."
The Jenkins' Story

How did you Meet?

We met on a dating website.


How did he propose?

Jay and I were in his semi-truck doing his weekend rounds. He was acting distant and I couldn't figure out why. He had dropped me off at my car and we had met back up to eat. We were walking from the resturaunt back to get in his Semi-truck when he asked me if I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I Said of course I did. He opened my door so I could climb into the truck and went to sit down and my ring was in the seat. I asked him what is that? He told me it was mine and he put the ring on my finger. I fell into the seat and broke his straw in the plastic cup he had just bought.


Comments about Oak Crest Cottages / Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding, etc..

Oak Crest Cottages and Eureka Springs Treehouses were absolutely amazing! Worth every penny and the best money we've ever spent. Everyone has been incredibly nice and accommodating.

The Jones's Story!
Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony & amazing place to stay.
You two exceeded our expectations-it was all so perfect!!
We plan to come & stay again soon and for when we are ready for our own "Babymoon".
Thank you again,
Jaime & Jimmy Jones
The Jones's Story!
Thank you for everything you guys did! The camera malfunctions were quite funny honestly. Like Don, we to were happy that we were able to get to know him as well. It made it more special and also makes for a funny story!

Also, thank you so much for the romantic night that you set up in our room. That was so nice to come back too. It made the entire experience that much more special. Everything was great, the cake was wonderful too! It was also big enough to bring home and share with our family. I wanted to fill out the story about us, I just was so tired that night.

Adam and I met at a bar in OKC that we worked at as bartenders together. We defiantly had a connection from the first time we met. I went with Adam after work one night to his Bid Day party for his fraternity and that was it, we were together from then on. That was just a little less than 3 years ago. We are truly best friends and are madly in love.

We want to thank you both, Don and Elaine for making our wedding so very special. We definately want to come back next year for our anniversary. Everything was wonderful!!
Thank you!
Stephanie and Adam Jones
The Kilpatrick's Story!
"Seeing the treehouse for the first time was the most amazing thing we could have ever imagined. We knew from that moment it would be the most memorable weekend of our lives. It is we feel the most beautiful place in Eureka to get married.
Thank you two so much. We will never forget this weekend. You made it so amazing for us."
Allen & Lisa Kilpatrick - Fayetteville, AR

The Landis' Story!

Our Treehouse wedding was perfect! Everyone went out of their way to make sure our day was all about "us"! It was beautiful, fun and completely stress free!

Thank you for everything!

Alan and Lisa

The Lazenby's Story!
Ron proposed to me on Christmas Eve at my sister's house, with my family and his children present. Everyone knew about the proposal (except me). The ring was wrapped in multiple boxes; as I opened the first box, there were batteries in the box and I wasn't sure what it was because I was thinking it was a gift from my 6-year old nephew. As I continued to open boxes and get to the third box, I realized what was happening, and when I looked up everyone was videoing and taking pictures of me.

Our experience here was awesome. The Ultimate Wedding Package was romantic and beautiful. The Waterfall setting was memorable and a great experience. We will highly recommend Eureka Springs Treehouses to family and friends and we hope to return in the future.
The Lenz Story!
How Did You Meet?

We met online! Nick was new in town and I had wanted to get back on the dating scene. Nick messaged me first and we talked everyday since. I am so glad I took a chance, it was the best decision I ever made!

Funny Dating Story?

We both finally had a day off and I wanted to take a road trip through Arkansas to show Nick around since he is originally from Oklahoma. We decided to go down to Hot Springs and half way through it rained so much that we had to turn around. Out of frustration, we decided to he to Bentonville and go to Crystal Bridges. Turned out to be one of our best days together.

How Did He/She Propose?

On Valentines Day 2016. That morning before we went out on a trip to Tulsa for a ballet show.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding etc...

Love It!! Definitely will come back for an anniversary. Wedding was excellent, simple & just what we wanted.
The Luttrell's Story!
Well...Before we dated, we met at a bar 4 years before. Tony paid no attention to me. I thought he was full of himself. What I didn't know is that his band was about to take stage and he was very nervous. Four years pass and we both ended up going to a mutual friends birthday party. We started talking and have been together ever since.

So...When we first met, after talking all night, it came to the point where we would exhange numbers. I was a little taken back when he refused to take my number. WHAT??? He claims that he used this approach because I was the "Most beautiful girl in the world", and he didn't want to seem to anxious or persistant. He wanted to make sure I was indeed interested...and I WAS!

The Proposal:
We went to Hot Springs for a weekend. We had been talking about going away for a weekend for about a year. So I didn't think much about it. On the last day, we were walking some of the trails and when sunset hit, we sat on a bench to take a break. Tony pulled out the box (ring) and asked me. I said YES!!! Then he asked if I wanted to see the ring?? (He had not opened the box yet.)

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"The treehouse we stayed in (Santa Fe) was beautiful. We couldn't of asked for a better Wedding/Honeymoon. The ceremony was perfect, small and special. Just the way we hoped it would be."
Barbara & Tony Luttrell - Memphis, TN
The Mahlan's Story!
We met when I worked at a Toyota dealership. Stephanie would bring her car in to get it serviced. We both thought each other were cute. And we were both scared to say anything. One day her Stepmom (who worked there) told me what Stephanie thought of me. She told me to ask Stephanie out. If it wasn't for her Stepmom we wouldn't be here right now.

How did he propose?
I took Stephanie down for a weekend stay in her hometown. One day we went riding our bikes. We stopped at a gazebo in a park. I pulled the ring out and asked her. I did have two glasses and champagne in my backpack.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: We loved every bit! We will definately be back!
The Marlow's Story!
We met at the hospital where we both worked. I am a Registered Nurse and Mike is a Respiratory Therapist.

The Proposal:
Mike had set up a massage table with candles and rose petals all around. He made an amazing dinner. For dessert he made a Chocolate Mousse. The ring was sticking out of the Chocolate Mousse, he then got down on one knee and asked "will you marry me?" It was very romantic.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouse:
The Wedding was stress free. The Treehouse was beautiful. The Romance Package, when we walked in it was breathtaking. We loved it! It made our night so special and romantic.
The Marsh Story!
How did you meet?

I work at Ulta Beauty and he is an electrician he came to work on one of my plugs in the salon. We were both interested but didn't follow through. We then reconnected through a dating site several months later. The rest is obvious :)

Comments about Eureka Spring Treehouses:

It was a fantastic experience!We were excited to stay here during our wedding weekend a fairytale experience for sure. We can't wait to come back and stay in one of the Hobbit caves. Thanks you for making our wedding and overall stay such an enjoyable one! Sean & Bambi Marsh :)
The Maudlin's Story!
How we met:
Chase was a manager in the Wal-Mart photo lab. I came in and was having problems scanning my pictures. He came over and helped me scan all my photos. After I got all my prints, he asked me for my number and the rest is history.

The Proposal:
He took me into a jewelry store to just look at some things. He asked me what kind of ring I would want if we got engaged. When I showed him what I liked, he bought it on the spot, got down on one knee, and proposed.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
We have really enjoyed staying here! The service was fantastic! The treehouses are amazing! We never wanted to leave. This was more than I expected and everything was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better place to get married. We will be back next year for our one year anniversary. Thanks for everything!
The McQuay's Story!

Thank you!  You guys where amazing!  We had a great time.  Looking forward to seeing you guys on our year anniversary.  We appreciate all your help and pictures!  God bless!

The Miller's Story!
How we met:
Well...I just happen to be interviewing potential employees and one had asked if I was married. I was hesitant but said "no". She stated that she had met her husband on the internet. That seemed so far fetched to me BUT...I said why not? maybe I should give it a try. My tagline was " THIS IS SOOO NOT ME!" I was online for about 2 weeks when I received an email from David. We emailed back and forth for about a month before we exchanged numbers. I was leaving on a business trip and he just so happened to know the route that I would be taking. So he was my navigator. Once I returned home, he asked me out and asked if it was ok if his daughter came along because he had her everyday during the summer. I said yes and we met at a restaurant. His daughter ended up sitting beside me and I enjoyed every minute of it as I have a son the same age. We finished dinner and she wanted to go to the movies and asked me to go as well...I did and we have been together everyday since. He says that he knew from the moment I walked in that he was going to be in trouble (lol).

The Proposal:
We had talked about marriage for awhile. The final night for the decision was one night we went to dinner with another couple and stopped for a drink. He asked if I was ever going to set a date. I first said July, he responded with "can't you find something a little sooner!"So we had 2 weeks to get everything together and everything went so smooth and fell right into place perfectly.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: This place was recommended to me by another employee. We viewed online and decided this was EXACLTLY what we had in mind for our wedding.
It was PERFECT. I would highly recommend Oak Crest to any and everyone.
Linda Carter Miller
The Osborn Story!
Thank you so much we love the pictures! You did such a fantastic job. We had an amazing time during our stay! It was so relaxing and such a beautiful town.

Drew and I started dating exactly 8 years ago to the day of our wedding. We have definately had out ups and downs along the way. We had our daughter in September of 2012. We have known for awhile that we wanted to be married and that we were always going to be together but we just couldn't decide how we wanted to go through with it. I used to think i wanted a big huge wedding with all of our friends and family but as the anniversary of us dating was rapidly approaching we decided why not suprise everyone with an elopment. With the idea on our minds we decided the day we started dating 8 years ago would make the perfect date. We decided our wedding would be more perfect with just the two of us. The way our relationship is, just the two of us and of course our daughter. It was a magical day and couldnt have felt more right. Thank you to everyone who played a part from everyone at estreehoused to our moms for helping with our daughter while we were gone! Much appreciated and made for a wonderful weekend that will forever be in our hearts!
The Roberson's Story

How did you meet?

We met on Plenty of We texted with each other for a week before finely meeting at the El Adobe in Atoka, Oklahoma.


Funny dating story?

On our first date we were finishing dinner when Tierra spilled a whole glass of tea, which almost went off the table into Derrick's lap.


How did he propose?

He gave me an engagement ring for christmas.


Comments about Eureka Springs treehouses / Your Wedding...

The Hobbit Cave we stayed in was Very Cool and made you feel like you were in a magical place. Our wedding was very nice. We feld Dennis did a great job of marrying us. The small chapel was very pretty and the waterfall was perfect. Thank you Bobbi & Dennis for a wonderful beginning to our life together.

The Robert's Story!

We went to school together and actually met in the library. 

The Proposal:

Last May we went on a weekend trip to Oklahoma City.  He proposed while we were there. 


Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: 

The room and the ceremony were both wonderful!  I am so glad that we chose this for our wedding.  Thank you for everything!
The Sansaucie's Story!
Rick was a childhood friend of my older sister and there were friends on facebook. I had lost my son last year and was struggling with it. He sent me words of encouragement and told me I was too beautiful to cry. We started talking regularly and we met for a date. We dated briefly and he told me he loved me and we should get married and we did!

He told me he love me on our first date and I told him he was crazy, but look at us now! We took a drive to a park near my house and we walked to a gazebo overlookng the Mississippi and he said the most beautiful thing and asked me to be his wife. I SAID YES!

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses: This has been such a wonderful experience. It could not have been any better. From the moment we check in, the wedding, the treehouse and everything that made it so romatic (the rose petals, music, candles etc) beautiful.
The Smith Story!
Tommy's bestfriend made Tommy go with him to meet Nicoles roomate. Nicole and her roommate where at Franks front row for a girls night. No one could have guessed sparks would fly, but Tommy and Nicole have been together ever since that chance meeting.

The Smith's Story!
Thank you so much from our wonderful hospitality this weekend. I know we chose the right location for our wedding vows. Hopefully we will see you all again in the near future.
Thanks, Eric & Amy Smith
The Suntken's Story!
Thank you so much for making our day so amazing! The romance package was phenomenal!
The Valente's Story!
We met through my ex-bestfriend and his younger brother. My bestfriend (at the time) was friends with his brother. So she introduced William to her older sister.. He is 8 years apart from me. So when we first met I was like 13/14. So years go by and around mid 2013 I saw him in Wal-Mart, I went up to him and said, "WILLIAM!!!!! haha" and I ran up to him and gave him a hug. Well a couple weeks later I contacted him on FB (FaceBook) just mutual talking. One night at work, I didn't have ​a ride home. So he came an HOUR away just to take me home. Well before he took me home we stopped at the lake and had a wonderful time just talking, then he took me home and before I got out of the car he pulled me towards him and kissed me. Couple days later went on a date and in the movie theater before the movie started he asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Of course you can guess what my answer was. :)

A funny date memory is when we went to a local Japanese Steak House and Hibachi Grill. I NEVER had sushi before so we ordered what they call the "Mistake Roll". With me never eating sushi, I thought the "green stuff" was guacamole. Next thing I know I'm coughing and my mouth is on fire and William looks at me and starts laughing! Now every time we eat sushi I dare not touch the "green stuff" haha.

His proposal is a movie scene proposal. On April 8th, 2014, all day long William was like, "Where did we eat on our first date?" Me: "I think it was either Diamond Head or McDonalds." Then a couple seconds later he was like, "I wanna go see a movie." "Alright, what movie?" So we looked up a movie to go see and we decided on Divergent. On our first date we went to go see After Earth. We get ready to go eat and to go watch a movie. Well while I was getting ready he went somewhere, I didn't know where at the time. After dinner at Diamond Head he went to the movie theaters, he wouldn't let me out of the car for like 10 minutes. Finally " he gets out of the car and says, "You can get out now. haha" As I'm getting out of the car I'm hearing "All of Me" by John Legend playing from his phone. He starts to hold me in the sunset. By the middle of the song he gets down on one knee and asks "AmyRose, will you be my wife?" I started crying and I said "Yes of course!"

Our Treehouse was wonderful! We stayed at the Manhattan Tree House. We also got the Romance Package, (I recommend for newly weds!). I didn't want to leave at all.
The Walker's Story!
Thank you so much for a great and memorable Wedding. The stay here and the carriage ride was absolutely beautiful.
Thank you!
Josh & Brandy Walker - Natchitoches, LA
The Wetherington's Story!
How we met:
It's not very romantic, but we were both playing in a chat room, with no intentions of dating....and one thing led to another.

We dated long distance for 8 years.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
Love your place. We came last year and stayed in one of the Hobbit Caves. I knew I wanted to get married here!
The William's Story!

How did you meet?

We were neighbors 20 years ago. Life took us seperate directions and different marriages, but we always kept in touch. When we both found ourselves alone, we came together and it grew into what we have today.


Funny dating story?

We went to the Bahamas. I, Bobbi, had never seen the ocean before. When we walked outside and I saw it for the first time I was overcome by the beauty and began to cry. He thought something was wrong and got all concerned. When I explained he wrapped me in a big hug. :)


How did he propose?

We flew into the Grand Canyon by helicopter for a riverside brnch. I was standing n awe surveying the beauty of where we were. I turned and he was down on one knee holding the ring!


Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses & your wedding:

Wonderful! Beautiful! Sweet! Couldn't have been better! Gary is kind and Mandy is sweet & accomodating! 

The Wilson's Story!
We loved the atmosphere and the privacy of the treehouse... The wedding was perfect. We loved the pictures and husband absolute loved the deck, we will be visiting again.
Bonita & Robert Wilson III - Marion, AR

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