The Big Sur Treehouse

* King bed * Jacuzzi for 2 * 40" Flat Panel TV * DVD player * Deck * Wireless Internet
The Big Sur Treehouse
The Big Sur Treehouse
The Big Sur Treehouse
The Big Sur Treehouse

Maximum number of guests: 2 Adults

Rates range from $119 (weekday winter ) to $259, minimum nights range from 2 to 3 nights.

Please enter your arrival date to check availabity, rates and minimum nights for your stay.

The Big Sur Treehouse

The Big Sur Treehouse evolved from a travel adventure that Dawn & a very HUNGRY Ben experienced a few years back…

They were taking a day trip to Big Sur while vacationing in Carmel on the California coast. It was a beautiful day & they had the convertible top down, so all seemed perfect until Ben got HUNGRY!

Dawn was driving & stopped at a little grocery store that had a deli. Ben is like why are we stopping here? Dawn says she wants to have a picnic & find a special picnic spot. They go in & there is a sweet little lady behind the deli case. The deli lady (Rose ) shares with them about her late husband who loved surprising her with picnics & how romantic it was…

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked here… Dawn is now trying to decide what to get and just says “How about a scoop of this, that & the other & oh that looks scrumptious, how about some of that too?” All the while Ben is trying to calculate how expensive this little spontaneous picnic is going to be! It ended up costing them $35, which even surprised Dawn. (Miss Frugal Dawn must have been caught up in the moment! ) They walk out and are surprised that the fog is coming in.

Dawn proceeds to drive & the fog is getting denser with every mile. Ben is like why couldn’t we of just went & got a hamburger & not wasted all that time picking out this STUPID food for $35? A hamburger would have cost us $10 and we’d be sitting on a deck looking at the view! He moaned & groaned for the next 30 minutes while Dawn was creeping around all the curves trying to outpace the fog. She finally spots a little pullout and pulls over.

In the distance they hear crashing waves & seals barking, they get out of the car and follow the sounds over to a cliff. They can’t see out, as there are huge puffy clouds covering the edge of the cliff.

They found a spot on the cliff and sat there enjoying their picnic… it was like being in a trance listening to the sounds of the Pacific while watching the dreamlike clouds that made them feel as though they could step out and float away. Magically the clouds lifted, and revealed waves of the blue Pacific colliding on the jagged cliffs below with seals frolicking on an isolated rock and now realizing that they are sitting amongst majestic trees that had created their perfect little perch. Ben now says it was the best $35 that they ever spent!

Dawn & Ben dedicate the Big Sur Treehouse to Rose the little deli lady who loved reminiscing about the special love her husband had of surprising her with something as simple as a picnic.

We hope you will come and make your own magical Big Sur experience in your very own Treehouse! There is no chance of frolicking seals, but there is a huge possibility that you might be enjoying your morning coffee out on the deck with some frolicking deer below.

The "Big Sur" features a Tree with twinkle lights, a Jacuzzi for 2, Fireplace and Air Conditioning (in season only ) , Living Room with 40" Flat Screen TV with Cable & DVD, Kitchenette with Refrigerator, Microwave & Coffeemaker with Coffee, Bedroom with a King Bed, Cable TV/DVD and a bathroom with stall shower.

And to top it all off a wonderful deck with a glider swing, bistro table & chairs and of course wireless Internet!


Minimum stay requirements are 2 nights except when reflected on the Availability Calendar as a 3 night minimum.
Holidays, Special Events & High Season Weekends are a 3 night minimum, which will be reflected on the Availability Calendar.
Rates are as posted.

You can check Availability & Rates online.
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