Enchanted Forest Caverns







Enchanted Forest Caverns
Whimsical Romance is to me the best way to describe the Enchanted Forest Caverns…
On one of our unescorted walking tours in Snowdonia National Park in England, Don was convinced that we had gotten off course. He kept saying… “I don’t think this is the right way.” We were now on what I assumed was a deer trail, but it was not unusual as our trip notes for 2 months had lead us through grazing sheep fields, cow pastures, private horse stables… you name it! So being on a deer trail did not seem that strange to me. So we continued on and the trees became so dense that you could not tell one tree from the other as the limbs were so thick and the tree roots were like walking over boulders. Within I don’t know 20 minutes the sun was totally hidden by the dense forest.  I felt like we had really found the enchanted forest, I just knew that Snow White would magically appear! We kept walking and it became lunch time (we always pack P&J sandwiches, along with a little blanket). We found a perfect spot for our picnic and just laid back & enjoyed our surroundings. While lying there, I started seeing different subjects in the tree limbs and started sharing with Don what I was seeing. At first he couldn’t see anything and then he reaches over for my hand and takes it in his and says, “Look at that…” He is now holding our hands above our chests and he is following two giant tree limbs that are shaped like a heart… Yes it was an enchanted forest… maybe not Snow White’s but it was definitely ours… 
Hope you’ll enjoy your own Enchanted Forest in your private Cavern as we enjoyed ours…



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