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The Magical Castle
I don’t even know where to begin on how the Magical Castle came about…
We were on a unescorted walking tour in England and we happened on this little village that a tour bus was unloading jabbering Japanese tourists, who were all carrying pamphlets in their hands. We tried asking them where they were going, but we couldn’t find anyone that spoke English. So we decided to follow them… So we followed them down a long gravel path and rounded a bend and in the distance you see a magnificent castle that looked like it had just been painted in a pastoral landscape.

I was totally in awe… I just wanted to soak it all in, so we wandered a little off the path way (well far enough away so we didn’t have to hear all the jabbering…) Anyway we found a perfect spot on a knoll & spread out our little blanket that we always keep in Don’s backpack. Don sat & I laid back in his arms & just daydreamed what a magical life that castle could offer. We probably laid there for a good hour… The tourist started heading back, so we decided to venture forward and get a closer look at the castle. 

As we approach we see that all the Japanese tourist but have been replaced by people walking around in wizard hats! What the heck… so I ask one of them “Why does everyone have a wizard hat on?” The guy looks at me like I am nuts & proceeds to tell me that you are standing in the famed Alnwick Castle, where Harry Potter was filmed! 

OMG… I am a total HP groupie or should I say a Pottergirl!
Anyway we continued our exploration… just imagining all the romantic mystical magic that could of happened in such a Castle even before Harry Potter came to be… 

Weird thing was our trip notes didn’t mention anything about this village… well it turned out that we had gotten lost but what a magical romantic adventure it turned out to be! 

Anyway… that is how The Magical Castle came to be.

We really wanted our Castle to have a romantic mystical feel. It took us awhile to find the right contractor and the various craftsmen for the job, they had to be able to see and feel my vision. In the end I believe we accomplished just that!

We included a softly lit secret passage that feels as though you have entered into a long ago era, journey through that passage to the tower to make your own magical happiness. It took us awhile to find the right contractor for the job as he had to be able to see & feel my vision & I think the two of us accomplished just that!

Just think… all of this was inspired by a wrong turn during a walk in the English countryside. You just never know where life is going to take you… 





Oh I don’t know where to begin…
How this whole Castle theme came about was spending 4 months in England…
We seemed to be always surrounded by Castles. 
It didn’t matter if it was a big one or just a charming little one…
I would always imagine how it came to be.

Of course I always favored the thought that it was built by a prince for his love and they lived happily ever after. 
I choose to ignore the possibility that a ruler had conquered someone’s fortune!

So since I’ve chosen to focus on a Romantic Fairytale… 
The Castles in the Sky are going to be from that prospective.

Walk across your Fairytale Drawbridge…
Enter through the portico and you will be whisked away into your very own Fairytale Castle with the feel of being surrounded by aged stone walls.

Find the secret passage… where you will be greeted by a 6’ Knight in shining armor that beacons you into a Shower for Two that is fit for a King and Queen! (No fear the 6’ Knight is a statue!)

Follow the secret passage up to the Tower where you will be immersed in nature with a wall of windows that overlooks the forest. The Tower’s gift is a VERY Special Jacuzzi for Two… to be enjoyed being surrounded by the view of the forest and the warmth of the glowing fireplace.


Follow the secret passage back down, pour yourselves a couple of glasses of wine or what have you and meander out onto your covered deck that overlooks the trees and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Ahh… your King bed awaits…
Enjoy the F a i r y t a l e . . .


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