Paris Treehouse



Paris… what can one say… 

Whether you are 30 or 60, Paris has to be one of the most romantic cities in the world.
Always to be seen are embracing couples… from standing on a bridge… a secluded corner on a cobbled street… under a tree next to the River Seine… the Eifel Tower… a sidewalk Café … Romance and lush green TREES are EVERYWHERE!

One of our Paris stories… 
Paris… the Eifel Tower, the Louvre… Norte-Dame… Oh I bet there are at least 100 romantic things to see in Paris. But it seems that no matter where we travel to we seem to stumble on these things by accident. Our ideal for traveling is just being present in the moment. While in Paris, we kept saying we have to go to the Louvre as everyone always says… “You have to visit the Louvre while in Paris!” We always seem to start our day out with the intention of seeing whatever, but we always seem to get lost along the way. Not really lost (well yes, I guess I have to admit at times we are lost), but just lost in our own little special places that we find along the way to wherever we had planned to go that day. One night while on a stroll, we heard these magical voices coming from this long tunnel… we followed the voices and right before we got to the end of the tunnel there were 4 college girls singing acapella. They were far enough back in the tunnel that their voices sounded like angels. We stood there listening for quite some time. I looked around and now there were about 10 other couples surrounding these angels and looking at each other, holding hands, stealing a kiss now & then… it was just beyond romantic. The crowd grew increasing quite large so we wandered out the end of the tunnel & found the Lourve! Now see we would never have experienced that if we had made it to the Louvre that morning when we had started out. We have so many wonderful memories of Paris… I hope that you’ll create your own wonderful memories in your Paris Treehouse.


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